Is Tate music group a scam?

I signed a music contract with tate music group 3/2008. So far they have done verry little to sell my music, it looks like I have made a bad mistake. Does any one know if Tate music group is a scam? I have ask for my music rights back, but so far they have not responded.

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This company is under their parent company Tate Publishing.  They have had one complaint with the BBB. You can check them out at BBB.ORG  As for the contract, next time have an attorney check it out for you.  Know what your signing. If you Google the company, other searches come up about scams and complaints.  So if this company promises certain things, get it in writing from the company. If you put up a big enough stink, the company may refund your money. File a complaint with the BBB, make a copy and send it to the 3 local TV stations and the news papers. If its a slow news day, you may get excellent coverage.  Otherwise send the letter of complaint to your State Attorney Generals office.

The thing is, they do what their contract says and it is legit. The problem is, they dont deliver the dream they portray to you  at talking stage. In other words, they play fame and riches and attack your emotional and ego side in talks. is that illegal?  No, but is it  unethical? Sure it is. Remember, if you are good enough, companies will want a percentage of your future potential earning, if you are not good enough, they will want money upfront, otherwise, they know they are not going to make a dime off of you.  Just think about it and dont let your ego and emotions make your decisions to write out a "pay first" check. This company preys on the new to the industry and nieve artists.  But who am I to give advice?  Go ahead, write the check, but you will remember this post long after, ...that I can assure you .

Also to this poster, I was giving advice to future inquirys, as for you, you have my deepest sympathy. My advice would be to find every blog you can about Tate, and share your story. Your money will probably never be replaced, but at least you can help others from not going down the same road. I do wish you well with your music career in spite of this early stumbling block. But be prepared, the road ahead of you is full of these. Experience and determination will make you stronger and wiser  as you venture into this music industry  :)

No, Tate Music Group is not a scam. They produce a quality product.. Check out This is a not-your-mainstream rockin' guitarist kind of album that shows the kind of stuff that Tate does. But you have to do some work to promote yourself too.

Signed with Tate and had second thoughts. Left several messages with Eva Hamlin and Mr. Finch wanting to discuss my second thoughts. But, no one returned my calls. Terrible customer service. I should have know there was something not quite right. As I learned that my original Marketing Rep decided to leave the company. Eva Hamiln then took over and became my rep.  When I first spoke with Eva the first words out her mouth were, "your rep did not leave because we are a bad company, she just left for personal issues." I never mentioned my concern of Tate being a questionable company.

100% all about the money. Do not blame them for wanting to make a buck, but at what cost. Just listen to the knucklehead who won this last years talent show. If that is the best of the best that Tate has to offer then no thanks. Watched the video and this guy went flat several times. Seems as if he has some inside ties at Tate. What a crock.

At least all I lost was the $200.00 that I put down with my contract. Cannot believe that someone would not respond to some very easy questions.

Pull up some of the Music Artists signed by Tate. It is a sad list of folks.

Bunch of crackers.


I am amazed that people will go onto an uncontrolled and monitored blog site and say things that are just not correct and have no accountability.  I absolutely dare anyone to take my offer (which no one ever seems to want to take) to give me a call and speak personally with me about any issue.  I am glad to talk man to man and not resort to the childishness so present on the internet.  Talk to the people who know and can help you.  Got a question?  Then call.  Dr. Richard Tate, 1-888-361-9473.

Of course not.  The scam is the foolishness that is so common on the internet.  If you want to act like a grown up then call me.  I am happy to discuss our fine company and offer any answers you like.  Dr. Richard Tate, 1-888-361-9473

the question you should be asking  your self is have you done every thing possible to help them help you if you sit on your  ass then nothing much is going to happen if you want it bad enough then you will work for it   you have to be a team player they cant do everything for you grow up and go to work.  judylynnhayes

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