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What is a good tasting drink to mix with vodka or ...

what is a good tasting drink to mix with vodka or rum?

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I know that Vodka is supposed to go with Red Bull, and Rum and Coke is another classic.

Vodka goes well with orange juice, lemon lime & bitters, or some people drink it with plain lemonade, or red bull as emerson said.

Rum is normaly drunk with coke, but I know some people drink it with lemonade, or ginger ale.

Fresh orange or tangerine juice and a splash of cranberry or pomegranate.  Also mango juice is delicious!

Mango Martini

Vodka is good with black cherry cola.

I'm a big fan of the dirty martini with vodka and the perfect mojito with rum. Mmm!

i found an awesome drink. an 8 oz can of red bull, a shot of vodka, and about 6 oz of grape gatorade. it looks green and is really tasty. =D in fact im drinking it now. im sure it isnt an official drink but i love it. lemme kno wat u think

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