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Asked: Should prisoners be allowed to use social media ...

Should prisoners be allowed to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Several states are trying to ban the use of these sites because some victims and victims’ families have complained that ...

Asked: Should Rihanna get back to Chris Brown?

Rihanna hints she may be getting back to Chris Brown. What do you think? Is this going to happen? Should Rihanna do it?

Asked: Why did Ciara and Rihanna fight on Twitter?

What's your opinion about the Twitter "beef" between Ciara and Rihanna?

Asked: Do you have and examples on how to use the Yedda ...

do you have and examples on how to use the Yedda Twitter C# Library?

Asked: Is Social Media Encouraging Terrorists?

Why DOES Homeland Security Watches Twitter and other Social Media?

Asked: What do you think of Yedda's twitter mashup?

So, what do you think of our new Twitter my Yedda mashup? Do you like it? Is there anything you'd like to see added or changed? We’d love to get your feedback. By the way, you can keep track of ...

Asked: The World vs. LeAnn Rimes

As a child country star, LeAnn Rimes was known as a good girl. As an adult, she cheated on then-husband Dean Sheremet with actor Eddie Cibrian, who also cheated on his wife to be with Rimes. She ...

Asked: John Mayer Is A Twitter Quitter

After much bad press, and the singer's subsequent temper tantrums over his image, John Mayer has officially quit Twitter and his 3.7 million fans who follow him. He said he was going to do this in ...

Asked: Configuring Alert Thingy to use FireFox

I am using Alert Thingy to get my FriendFeed and Twitter notifications, and I love it. However, whenever I click an alert, it opens the corresponding web page in Internet Explorer instead of ...

Asked: Who is deezy 1445

Who is deezy 1445

Asked: Is Miley Cyrus fat?

Was it fair that someone called Miley Cyrus fat on Twitter, do you agree?

Asked: If you wrote a parody about Twitter to "Thriller ...

If you wrote a parody about Twitter to "Thriller," what would the lyrics be?

Asked: Have you used Twitter?

How do you like using Twitter? I started using twitter but, do not see any advantages yet in using it. I would like to know your opinion as maybe I am not using it to get the full affects of it.

Asked: Are you a fan of Ashton’s tweets?

What makes Ashton Kutcher the most followed person on Twitter? Are his tweets interesting?

Asked: Where can i download jack the ripper versus ...

where can i download jack the ripper versus shurlock holmes for free if you can help me out the first person that doesi will follow you on twitter

Asked: John tweets too much?

Jennifer Aniston has said that his obsession with Twitter was one of the reasons she finished with John Mayer. Is he crazy to let her go? CREDIT: Michael Thompson/GQ

Asked: I want to know how to go ... I want to know how to go about, "Twittering"?

Asked: Are You Sick of Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber is a worldwide phenomenon. He has millions of fans all over the world, massive followers on Twitter, and he's made his brand his own--coming out with movies, books, and even a perfume ...

Asked: What would you ask Obama?

What would you ask President Obama at the Twitter town hall? (The town hall is about the economy and jobs ... but I imagine he'll get questions about other topics too.)

Asked: Facebook vs. Google+: Whose side are you on?

Do you support Facebook or Google+ in the battle of social networks? Or do you prefer Twitter or another site?

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