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Asked: Having swine flu symptoms?

For the past few days, I 've been getting the symptoms but not all of them, but they would come and go. I would get: Coughing, come and go. Vomit-come and go Sore-currently my legs, i havent been ...

Asked: Does anyone know the break down of gender for the ...

Does anyone know the break down of gender for the swine flu?

Asked: Is Tamiflu safe ?

Is Tamiflu safe ?

Asked: What is swineflu ?

what is swineflu ?

Asked: Swine Flu : How can I protect my loved ones from ...

What can I do to protect my children from The Swine Flu ? ? ? ?

Asked: How can we identify MSG additives in food?

Okay, accepting that MSG is, like most chemical additives in food, best avoided. If I want to avoid it and it's not listed on the label, or my salad or chicken has been laced with it, how can we ...

Asked: Swine flu

Here is the story,I have heard on the news last nite that a newborn died yesterday cause she was borned at 27 weeks.BUT that wasn't the big part of the story, the baby died cause the mother had SWINE ...

Asked: Do you think swine flu will become lethal

will swine flu become a full scale pandemic and become lethal out side of mexico

Asked: Nystatedepartment due to the travel alert to ...

nystatedepartment due to the travel alert to mexico, i was forced to cancel my daughter's wedding there. i purchased 6 tickets from american airlines, 4 of which i purchased travel insurance. the ...

Asked: How states have swine flu today?

swine flu today how many states have swine flu now?

Asked: We are sick

My daughter and I have very upset stomachs today but no fevers so far. Should I call the doctor?

Asked: How could we do to protect ourself from swine ...

How could we do to protect ourself from swine flu?

Asked: Worried Parent

Can this "Swine Flu" be carried in an envolope coming from Canada?? Because I have family out there.

Asked: How would SB residents be warned if the Swine Flu ...

In reguard to your Monday article "Swine Flu Scare Spreads In The US", If the Swine flu virus were to be an issue in the San Bernardino County what steps would be used to warn San Bernardino County ...

Asked: The new flu

Can this be the starting of the END of the wrold?

Asked: Comments Disabled -- how come ???

Why are "Comments Disabled" for most articles???

Asked: Are swine flu shots dangerous?

are swine flu shots dangerous?

Asked: How dangerous is Swine Flu really? ..

How can you distinguish the symptoms of Swine Flu and the regular Flu? I know that a lot of people die from the regular Flu every year as well, so is Swine Flu really that much more dangerous or is ...

Asked: Swine Flu

Can I get swine flu from flying?

Asked: Why are you convinced that the swine flu shot is ...

Why please explain how you can feel confident that the swine flu shot has been properly tested when drugs that are on the market for years with FDA approval and are then withdrawn when enough people ...

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