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Asked: Ever wondered??

How fast does a flying carpet go?

Asked: What is the Q in Timothy Q movie Dumbo

what is the full name for the initial Q for Timothy Q in Dumbo?

Asked: Looking for a spesifc magnet

I am looking for a Magnet that will attract aluminum metal.. Do you know any names of such magets? (you can always answer here but bc i really get my email on my phone i would like an email answer ...

Asked: Disney, who can I contact to pictch a book idea

Who should I contact at to pitch a children's book

Asked: 3-D glasses for Saturday's concert

Hi. I would like to PLEASE know where I can get the 3-D glasses for the concert this Saturday for my family (2 adults, 2 children). I will be forever grateful if someone can just PLEASE make this ...

Asked: Whats the best way to offer for sale, a sampler ...

whats the best way to offer for sale, a sampler, dated 1779, new hampshire?

Asked: Are your kids using the social network ...

Are your kids using the social network Togetherville?

Asked: Lilo's Out of Jail

Lindsay Lohan is out of the slammer already. But how long can she stay out?? Do you think she should go to rehab instead of prison?

Asked: Lilo Fails a Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan tweeted that she failed a drug test. Can she overcome her addictions? Or will she keep getting in trouble with drugs and the law?

Asked: Do you have to have registration for motorcycle ...

do you have to have registration for motorcycle when crossing the border into mexico if the motorcycle is being hauled?

Asked: Is It Sad LiLo Crashed the Gplden Globe Party?

The last time Lindsay Lohan was nominated for anything was 2007. Although she didn't nab the 'Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress - Drama' for her work in "Georgia Rule," that hasn't stopped her from ...

Asked: Is Lindsay Lohan Drinking again?

Is Lindsay Lohan drinking again, after just leaving rehab? Could it be that her relationship with Samantha Ronson isn't as happy as they would like us all to think?

Asked: Do YOU Bleach Your Teeth?

Lindsay Lohan took the heat for having yellowed teeth (and since took care of the problem). Do YOU have special treatments to keep those pearly whites?

Asked: HELP! Disney Movie Rewards Scavenger "Haunt ...

What are the anwsers for the Disney Movie Rewards Scavenger "Haunt"? Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Light Race to Witch Mountain - ??? Pooh Bear - Gobloon Nightmare Before Christmas - Graveyards

Asked: Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit: Who's to blame?

Will LIndsey Lohan have to pay loads of money to get out of the latest lawsuit? Why should she pay these guys anyway? They didn't do anything to stop her from driving...

Asked: What was the name of the Disney song played in a ...

What is the high pitched disney song in the xcel energy commercial at 8/28/08 at the Democratic National Convention? There were forest creatures and this chorusy song in the background during the ...

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