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Asked: Lenore The Rocmike Stalker has been changing ...

We all know its her because all the posts all go back to her Facebook Page. Will someone please respond to her.

Asked: Lenore The Rocmike Stalker is posting about ...

All her posts and aliases all go back to her Facebook Page.

Asked: Lenore Rocmike Stalker, stop denying who you are

EVERYONE knows you are Lenore/Tadpole/Lester/DfrogDpong and 100's more. That Lenore picture was taken right off your Facebook Page and all those names all go back to that page. Give it up ...

Asked: Lenore The Rocmike Stalker gets funniest post of ...

The Mental patient asks: Does anyone understand how the mind of the mentally ill works? I can't add anything to that LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Asked: AOL did you notice how good these boards were ...

Lenore the Rocmike Stalker wasn't harassing or degrading the few posters you have left.

Asked: Lenor the Rocmike Stalker is back harassing the ...

Seems like AOL really doesn't care that people post off topic, harass and degrade other posters or copy paste text that makes no sense.

Asked: Who wore #80 on the NY Yankees

who is

Asked: AOL what the hell is wrong with you

You have this clown posting 24/7 365 calling everyone on this board the same poster and harassing everyone. You all know who's posting and you know they are all different posters with different IP's ...

Asked: Newtown Bee and All time great baseball teams at ...

Newtown Bee and All time great baseball teams at NHS

Asked: Torneo Pool Combo 6 Rules

Torneo Pool Combo 6, how to play rules

Asked: WHO WON?????????

Sports Fans, there's big news today. For the first time in years, the Copy/Paste Stalker LOST the Prolific Poster competition here at AOL Answers. The new winner is Chad Hatten. Chad beat out the ...

Asked: Any local gyms near mifflintown pa

any local gyms near mifflintown pa

Asked: Lenore, you go girl! I saw your video

Don't let them get you down about your copy paste thingy, we all understand.

Asked: I'm not going to dance

Cartoon man, you will not make a fool out of me again today.

Asked: New York Asylum

Please get your copy paste patient off the computer. Once again she's ruining it for all the other posters.

Asked: I am the Master Debater on all these boards

And don't any of you forget it.

Asked: Permit

how to get sportmans firearm permit for wellsboro tioga pa

Asked: Catch and release bass

how to mark and release bass

Asked: Question for the poster that calls everyone on ...

Question for the poster that calls everyone on this board Leftist Muslim Atheist poster. Please show AOL or any other poster where you have been on topic with any post or question that has to do with ...

Asked: Is my voltage reducer fried?

several years ago I installed a 24 to 12 volt ballast like voltage reducer in my 48 volt club car. It worked fine. Last week I had the batteries replaced and the idiot that installed them hooked ...

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