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Asked: Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike ...

All the we us and everybody are all the people in your head? If I'm wrong name one that is part of your we.

Asked: Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker Busted again!!!

Says that picture isn't her but it's even on her website.

Asked: Tinkerbell The Tadpole

Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahah What a friggin Loser

Asked: Tinkerbell the Copy Paste A-Hole is at it again.

With AOL's blessing.

Asked: Paintball

Where to install Rear sling plate #31253 to a E-MR5 Marker stock?

Asked: AOL's Welcoming Committee

Wow, what a great job. As soon as any new poster posts for the first time no matter what time day or night they are greeted by Lenore/Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker lunatic that immediately brands them ...

Asked: How to form 35 remington brass cases?

how to form 35 remington brass cases?

Asked: Where Can I Buy Nike Air Jordan Shoes?

Where can i buy Discount NIKE Air Jordan basketball shoes?

Asked: History of Ocoee Little League

Ocoee little league baseball history (80's, 90's)

Asked: How many push up can you do

how many push up can you do

Asked: Who takes pictures at shippensburg speedway

who takes pictures at shippensburg speedway

Asked: How do I bcc all my contacts

how do I bcc all my contacts

Asked: What are the steps using a standard ruler if 1 in ...

what are the steps using a standard ruler if 1 in. = 4ft.?

Asked: So Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker I'll ask you ...

Other than me making a fool out of you every day, name one post or link us to one post you've had in the last five years where other than make a fool out of you someone other than yourself has ...

Asked: Braintree high breakfast thanksgiving football ...

braintree high breakfast thanksgiving football where is it held? Do you need tickets ahead of time...are seats reserved? Do many women attend? thanks bob

Asked: Dance Tadpole Dance

Cartoon Man makes Tadpole look even dumber than she already is and that's saying something. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Asked: Air walker replacement parts

who is the manufacturer of the homcom v-fit air walker?

Asked: Did you ever drive through New York and have a bum ...

Talking to them reminds me of Tadpole's Posts. It gets nuttier by the second.

Asked: Any short mat bowls available in SW cornwall ie St ...

short mat bowls clubs in Cornwall ?Just as an activity, non county competions Disabled but still mobile, have to sit frequently.

Asked: World series winners

Have any major league coaches players or managers been on 3 different teams that won the world series <

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