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Asked: What does to mean in football?

what does to mean in football?

Asked: History of Boston semi pro baseball Hopedale Club

History of Boston semi pro baseball Hopedale Club

Asked: Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker???????????????????????

Is your screen name Lem short for Lemon or did you mess up your spelling as usual? Did you mean Len for Lenore? More typos?

Asked: Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker, don't be mad at us.

It's not our fault your boyfriend isn't packing. If I were a girl and that was my boyfriend I would laugh him out of my life. But then again, when you look like yourself I guess anything helps. You ...

Asked: All the Porn posted goes back to Tadpole's ...

Her latest screen name is Lem which is only one of the 47 names that go back to her Facebook Page.

Asked: I made the Stalker mad again...........

So she went right for her porn. Of course it's not her, but it's awful funny how it appears less than a minute after she posts no matter what time it is. Besides that, who other than a mental patient ...

Asked: Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker is out of control

Did everyone see what she's doing this AM? Every post no matter what it is or who it is she's putting her copy pastes on it.

Asked: The Rocmike Stalker F'd up again

She posted as Lem, saw her mistake and changed her complete post. Too bad she couldn't change her screen name. Everyone knew you were a female stalker, no man would ever act like you do.

Asked: Womens Rocky Boots

Where to purchase women's Rocky boots?

Asked: Who wrote the outcasts of poker flat?

who wrote the outcasts of poker flat?

Asked: Golf club repair schools in eastern states I ...

golf club repair schools in eastern states I am from VT.,and travel seasonally to FL. are any golf club repair/building schools in that area of travel? Nick Astbury . Woud appreciate any ...

Asked: Playoff wordofthe day

what is the word of the day on mike's playoff trip for 11/18/2014?

Asked: Where is david trimble playin basketball

where is david trimble playing basketball

Asked: San Diego Chargers

Do You Think The San Diego Chargers Would Win Super Bowl 49?

Asked: Displaying rifles

gun dealers Q and A on displaying rifles I want to display some rifles on a wall rack but concerned about too much dust. Is this a real problem? If so,is there a cloth cover I can put over them?

Asked: Exercizing

What time of the day is the best time to exercise?

Asked: Why is football the only sport that you don't play ...

why is football the only sport that you don't play both offense and defense?

Asked: Where can I dispose a cleaned deer carcas in NE ...

where can I dispose of my deer carcas from hunting

Asked: Los Cafeteros reacted and had several chances to ...

Two minutes later, the referee pointed to the spot after Armero cleared a dangerous ball with his arm. Altidore stepped up to take the kick and the Sunderland forward struck a powerful right-footed ...

Asked: Field location?

which field do little league football playoffs use?

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