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Asked: How many files are there?

Is R rated X same race sex

Asked: Is this valuable in any way? white and pink bowl ...

shoolbred & co London pitcher and bowl set "shoolbred & co London printed in red on bottom. is it valuable?

Asked: Did Bud Morris PHD, AZ belong to Gold Wing Touring ...

Bud Morris PHD, AZ

Asked: Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker.... you asked 50 questions ...

Please show us where anyone responded to even one of your questions. I've been on this board for 2 years and have never seen anyone respond to you except in a negative way. Others say you've been ...

Asked: How to became a Volunteer?

How to became a Volunteer ? If anyone wants to connect with any non-profit or profit organization then which steps have followed?

Asked: Help with Spanish translation for a wedding?

I'm coordinating a wedding tomorrow and found out tonight the groom's mother speaks no English, only Spanish. I feel sad she won't know what's being said at her son's wedding. I know it's a lot ...

Asked: Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker, Selfie Helpfuls or Selfie ...

So Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker, when posting, which do you post first, your Selfie Helpful's or your Selfie Porn?

Asked: How is J-PAL's activities evaluation programme ...

How is J-PAL's activities evaluation programme impacting the global scenario?

Asked: Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker, what do you do ...

Give yourself a helpful or post your porn?????? They both always show the same time. Just wondering.

Asked: Flying the US flag

NJSA 45:22A-48.1 can a homeowners association limit the erecting of a flagpole either in front of the home generally or within the 5 foot border abutting the home. Home owned in fee simple

Asked: What does the Number 3 at the end of a sentence ...

What does the Number 3 at the end of a sentence mean?

Asked: Have you read any part of "Safe In The Alley?"

Are you aware of my book,"Safe In The Alley-Book One" Author Ronald D. Madison? I would love some feedback......

Asked: Can a non-profit organ procurement organization ...

can a non-profit organ procurement organization have an interest in a for profit company

Asked: Nursury Rhymes And Fairy Tales

Let me tell you the story about the beautiful fair skinned maiden who met the dark handsome prince.........

Asked: 1775 KBO

1775 KBO

Asked: Bleachy Clean

Why is it that African white women cannot fall in love with any white men anywhere.

Asked: Once upon a time

Did little red riding hood really point a gun at the big bad wolf and tell him to eat her like the story was told

Asked: Nightmare

Are earwig perverts and behemoth genital clairvoyancy freaks the folklore and horror movie characters of the future.

Asked: European women

Do you think European women(White)in Africa are cheering U.S intellectuals to do a good job of messing everybody up.

Asked: Looking for other peppers in my area?


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