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Asked: On AOL's Old message boards we use to have the ...

His Screen name was Gunny, hummmm I wonder if he's still around.

Asked: Lenore, you go girl! I saw your video

Don't let them get you down about your copy paste thingy, we all understand.

Asked: I'm not going to dance

Cartoon man, you will not make a fool out of me again today.

Asked: New York Asylum

Please get your copy paste patient off the computer. Once again she's ruining it for all the other posters.

Asked: I am the Master Debater on all these boards

And don't any of you forget it.

Asked: Lenore The Rocmike Stalker still uses WE US and ...

But still can't show one post anywhere on the entire internet where we us or anyone has ever posted in her favor. Ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahah LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Asked: Question for the poster that calls everyone on ...

Question for the poster that calls everyone on this board Leftist Muslim Atheist poster. Please show AOL or any other poster where you have been on topic with any post or question that has to do with ...

Asked: History

La belle meaning translation

Asked: Correction to Lenore The Rocmike Stalkers post.

Numbnuts Says: HE HAS STARTED POSTING UNDER HIS SERENITY ALIAS AT 1:30 EST.-----Leftist Muslim Atheist poster, how delusional are you? You're doing the harassing and chasing everyone away. You posted ...

Asked: What are unethical research in sociology?

what are unethical research in sociology?

Asked: Rights of Ex-cons

a person commits a violent crime and serves their time, and has become has had no problems with the law and has been a model citizen for over 20yrs since being released from prison. Why can't they get ...

Asked: What to say on job application if asked if i have ...

what to say on job application if asked if i have been fired or asked to resign?

Asked: How do i find what county i live in?

how do i find what county i live in?

Asked: How to make kids sleepsack?

how to make kids sleepsack?

Asked: Need private tutor for child who goes to Kent ...

I need a tutor for my son who goes to Kent State University. Any lists?

Asked: Leftist Atheist Copy Paste Master Debater Stalker

I'm going to the beach, please let me know of all the posts that I make while I'm gone. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO What a freakin nutbag.

Asked: My copy pastes have made me the Master Debater of ...

No one even comes close to my Master Debating.

Asked: Nobody Dicktates to me about my copy pastes.

I'll be the one that does the dicktating. Get ready for some mo.

Asked: AOL I'll post as many copy pastes as I want

Don't like it? TS to all of you. Give me a few minutes to start.

Asked: How do we turns our Hurts over to God.?

How do we turns our Hurts over to God.?

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