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Asked: What Is Snooki Wearing?

Do you like her dress in this video?

Asked: What Would You Do If You Were The Jersey Shore ...

They're not allowed to drink, or visit prominent Italian landmarks, as ordered by the Italian government. So what exactly is the Jersey Shore cast going to do in Italy?

Asked: Will you watch the "Snooki ball" drop?

Will you sneak a peek at the "Snooki ball" on MTV? Or will you watch the Times Square ball drop instead?

Asked: Snooki's New Year Stunt Moves To New Jersey

Snooki from The Jersey Shore is no longer dropping down into Times Square in the New Year's ball. The stunt has been moved to Seaside Heights, NJ. Do you think it was wrong for officials to ban her ...

Asked: Snooki's New Do!

What do you think of Snooki's new hairstyle? Should she ditch the bump for good?

Asked: Is The Jersey Shore Fake?

Is The Jersey Shore a fake? Guidette, Snooki, isn't even Italian, she's Chilean!

Asked: The Jersey Shore heads to Miami

Is heading to Miami for Season 2 of the 'Jersey Shore' a mistake? Can the show work in Miami?

Asked: The Jersey Shore is coming back!

Are you excited for season 2 of Jersey Shore?

Asked: Snookie's weight

Do you think Snookie needs to worry about her weight, or is she beautiful just the way she is?

Asked: Which Reality Star Would You Be For Halloween?

Popeater provided a fairly thorough guide on how to dress up as your favorite reality star for Halloween. Reality stars included the over plasticized Heidi Montag and The Jersey Shore's Snooki. If ...

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