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Asked: Who was the most americans kill in any war?

who was the most americans kill in any war?

Asked: Anyone ever post on The Compuserve Message Boards?

Only took about 5 to 10 minutes to figure it out. Seems a 1,000 times better than this crap. I also heard they don't allow stuff like we have to deal with from people like Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker ...

Asked: What did sharon tate look like?

what did sharon tate look like?

Asked: Executive Order Harm

What specifically is or are the harm(s) caused by the potential executive order on undocumented persons? I have reviewed many items on the Internet including Republican, Conservative, and Tea Party ...

Asked: Presidential Pardon and Undocumented Persons

Do you think President Obama's proposed executive order on undocumented persons is within the presidential pardon authority under the US Constitution?

Asked: Presidential Pardon and Immigration

Is President Obama's proposed executive order on immigration related to the presidential pardon power in the Constitution?

Asked: There was no porn today until the minute ...

There was no porn today until the minute Tadpole-Lenore started posting. That just gotta be a coincidence, just like every other time that been happening.

Asked: Emancipation Proclamation and Immigration Amnesty

What are the differences and similarities between the Emancipation Proclamation and the executive order under consideration by President Obama??

Asked: Green card

how many times can i marry and legalize a spouse? I have been married before and legalized my ex wife, now I am in love again, can I marry again and get a green card to my new wife?

Asked: No Tadpole No Porn

Isn't it amazing? It's a shame AOL is the only one that can't see that.

Asked: How many times has December 7th fallen on a Sunday ...

How many times has December 7th fallen on a Sunday since 1941?

Asked: Chumpy McPigeon's class picture?

The Grandmaster himself!

Asked: Decidermyassll if the 2700 viewed thread belongs ...

Let's see you change the thread title. C'mon POS show all these people that you own the 2700 thread. That's what we all thought. Shit eater shit poster and now a liar ...

Asked: Will MY views reach 3000 today

Almost 3000 views in a few days asking Decidermyassll and his girlfriend about their poop postings. Don't you think AOL would show some interest in how many people want their asses off this board? I ...

Asked: 2,701 - how many do I need, Chumpy?

How many views do I have to get on my thread before you take your skanky, pervert self (or should I say "selves" due to the MPD?) out of here permanently, Chumpy? C'mon, if "everyone has your back ...

Asked: Who is 28 president of the us?

who is 28 president of the us?

Asked: Why do people not vote?

why do people not vote?

Asked: 2,500, pigeon-boy!!

Yep, now over 2,500 views saying that Chumpy is the chump we've always known him to be. All I had to do was ask for votes to that effect and now we have a LANDSLIDE voting that poop-lips needs to go ...

Asked: Just one Ignore Button makes all this go away

Why would Tadpole or the poop porn poster stay on this board if they were put on ignore? AOL, use your head and either start banning those people for life or give us an ignore button.

Asked: Rocmike didn't post any of his cartoons today.

Rocmike didn't post one cartoon today because AOL is doing nothing to stop his porn. We all know that before he started flooding the board with his porn he was doing it with his cartoons so he's not ...

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