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Asked: Husband of Dem. Sen. Hall-Long charged with sign ...

Middletown police have issued an arrest warrant for the husband of state Sen. Bethany Hall-Long for allegedly stealing roadway campaign signs erected by Republicans. Police on Wednesday responded to ...

Asked: Don't forget my Halloween Party tommorow night

It will be the gala of the year event. All my supporters are welcome.

Asked: Market Analysis on Sand Making Machine

Since our country was founded, especially since the reform an opening up, the growth speed of national economic construction is very fast.The corresponding development of sand maker used as ...

Asked: Human Resources department Fort Hood TX Who was ...

Human Resources department Fort Hood TX Who was the commanding general 1st armored division 1952/1953

Asked: Does anyone know how Rocmike manages to stick his ...

Does anyone know how Rocmike manages to stick his tongue all the way down people's and dogs' assholes?

Asked: AOL's Welcoming Committee

Wow, what a great job. As soon as any new poster posts for the first time no matter what time day or night they are greeted by Lenore/Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker lunatic that immediately brands them ...

Asked: Happy Halloween To Everyone Except You Know Who

The copy paste bag over head trick or treater.

Asked: Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!

She's back at it again with the misspelled harassing copy pastes. It was nice only having to deal with a few posts from that lunatic.

Asked: Who led in to nancy grace each evening

who led in to nancy grace each evening

Asked: Replies???

Why cant I see any replies to my comments on aol news?

Asked: Let's all vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN!!!!

Let's all vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN!!!!

Asked: Is It Another Lie

Is It Another Lie:If Ron Paul was cheated out of being president- who is lying,and if so if status quo can't and won't change how can there be change.{{{Ron Paul Cheated Out Of Being President---You ...

Asked: New High-end Intelligent Sand Making Machine ...

The construction of constructional engineering and water conservancy project cannot go without sand maker and the sand making process is an important part. With the constant scientific and technical ...

Asked: The Excellent Design and Style on Sand Making ...

The influence sand making machine with power conserving could get the higher praise of mining buyers with the steady improvement on the environmental notion of human beings. Our nationwide mining ...

Asked: Chicago history/trivia

A Chicago question: The name of the restaurant on the southwest corner of Lake & Wabash in the 1970s-- or name of owner or anyone who worked there.

Asked: Need her Obituary from Preston WA

Dorothy Mae Hawkins, Preston WA born 8 Feb 1922 need Obituary, don't have date of death, just recently

Asked: Is Ebola Common Core

Is Ebola Common Core:2+2=5.If Ebola is 21 day incubation period and we can test for fever and if they don't have one then are they okay.Is this correct answer.Common Core says if they can show how ...

Asked: OUIJI Paranomal Movie?

What is OUIJI about?

Asked: Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike ...

All the we us and everybody are all the people in your head? If I'm wrong name one that is part of your we.

Asked: Lenore/Tadpole/Rocmike Stalker Busted again!!!

Says that picture isn't her but it's even on her website.

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