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Asked: Which is the best 4k computer monitor?

best 4k computer

Asked: Looking for the Name of the Military Reserve Unit ...

What military reserve unit is located across the street from the 5 Star Veterans Center, on Acme Street in Jacksonville, Ll?

Asked: 1964 navy aeronautical ocs quantico

Anyone have 1964 navy aeronautical ocs quantico mcb information?

Asked: Why hasnt the cia infiltrated isis and if they ...

why hasnt the cia infiltrated isis?

Asked: My son retired from the navy in Nov of 2011 he ...

my son retired from the navy in Nov of 2011 he passed away Jan.4 , 2015 i would like to know where I may get a discharge for him that I could frame and display Cecil Freeman

Asked: What medals, and ribbons were earned by nmcb 12 ...

what medals, and ribbons were earned by nmcb 12 in viet nam? did they earn the combat action ribbon? i was regular navy, and when they were decommissioned, i was deployed to gitmo. thanks, steve.

Asked: Welfare fraud.

Welfare abuses run the

Asked: Test Fighter Pilot Wrote A Book in 2014

A test fighter pilot was on the radio talk show, America Now with Andy Dean earlier this summer. He wrote a book he was promoting that I thought was very interesting. I was driving when the program ...

Asked: Castors oil laxative for hair?

Castors oil laxative for hair?

Asked: The checkered past of the Democrat Party.

Woodrow Wilson had such bad foreign policy that WWI was inevitable. 24,000 dead, 67,000 disabled. Woodrow Wilson caused a war with Mexico that ended the lives of 12,500 Americans, 27,000 Mexicans ...

Asked: Vertical roller mill occupy the market share

Now people's living standard has improved, people's requirements for anything more and more refined, as mill industry of course is to follow the development trend of the times, but also to fine ...

Asked: WWII

Age of youngest 2nd lt in infantry from 1940 to 1945

Asked: Vogon Poetry as an interrogation method?

I know it flirts with a violation of the Geneva Convention, but we have to break these rotten misfits somehow. Failing Vogon Poetry, might we use Teletubbies, Barney, or Sesame Street to break them ...

Asked: Boot camp

sandy ons imarines boot camp just curious what happens if he?t do it does it affect his record f poo r the rest of his life?

Asked: Where can one buy jersey knit sheets?

Where can one buy jersey knit sheets?

Asked: Use your supremacy mildly and remedially.

Once again we see who has complete supremacy. I plan to exercise it mildly, though. Either way, rational persons came out the winners, as we always do.

Asked: Where can I get a copy of

Where can I get a copy of "Periscope Views" yearbook 1952-1954 USS Grampus 523 Submarine, printed by Albert Love Enterprises, Atlanta, Ga?

Asked: History of

Frederick "Fritz" Miller, (Mayor of Lebanon, PA) was mayor sometime in the 1950's any information would be helpful. Mr Miller was my History teacher in the 8th grade (1957)

Asked: What was the deadliest weapon of all time?

IMHO, it was the active two-year-old. Bill Cosby said that if we gave him 2,000 active two-year-olds, he could conquer the world. I know it's diabolical, but maybe we could also use such coercion as ...

Asked: Pakistan's F-16's

Pakistan's newly acquired F-16's came from the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) and will be used to enforce Taliban movement reastrictions from Afghanistan to India. This is an early model Lockheed ...

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