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Asked: Rev. edward Horstman. greenwich, ct.06831

Is rev. edward Horstman. greenwich, ct.06831 mentaly challenged

Asked: Opening the new way to success!

Opening the new way to success!

Asked: Master’s Solution: Easy Way to Stop Smoking gains ...

Master’s Solution: Easy Way to Stop Smoking gains your health back with our life changing subconscious mind de-programming instructions.

Asked: Who is the best neurosurgeon in India?

Looking for the best neurosurgeon in India, someone who has years of experience and a board certified. Your answers will be a BIG HELP!

Asked: How does face timing affect autistic children

how does face timing affect autistic children

Asked: Leftists have always been selfish and obscene.

There are losers who support communism, because they know that they cannot make a living on their own. They couldn't care less who they sell out or why. All that matters to leftists is that they got ...

Asked: What disorder is this

what kind of disorder causes a person to buy something new or given something new yet they can not open or use the item.i have ptsd and depression can this be cured if so how

Asked: BPD-Lying In Face Of Known Lie.

bpd compulsive lying A person of immense value to me had an affair that we later determined was caused by BPD. Main reason for conclusion was fact that this HIGHLY MORAL MARRIED LADY blurted out ...

Asked: Why are my friends trying to gaslight me by ...

why are my friends trying to gaslight me by making me thin this woman existed and that I really was with her? if they produce enough false evidence they can say I'm in denial

Asked: Denial of false event

how can I prove that my friends are trying to convince me of a personal event that never happened and how can I prove I'm not in denial of the event?

Asked: Opposite of false memory syndrome

Is there a psychiatric disorder which could be the opposite of false memory syndrome; where instead of remembering personal stuff that never happened, the person denies that real events di happen to ...

Asked: Is this confabulation?

why do my friends insist that I was with a girl who I know never existed, and why do they have photos of us together?

Asked: Depression

licensed clinical social worker dealing with depression that take medicare

Asked: What a pity Tadpole doesn't know the rules.

The growing sadness in Islam is part of their recent failures despite their hellish means. Could you respect a cult of liars, bigots, and morons whose bitterness is only a symptom of their cult's ...

Asked: Why does Hilary Clinton call Obama, "boy?"

Why does Hilary Clinton call Obama, "boy?" Some deep south redneck traditions just won't end, will they? Those traditions are racism, sexism, and hatred of Northern Republicans, who freed the slaves ...

Asked: Leftist paranoids need counseling.

There is ONE leftist on AOL Answers who has done her worst to shut down all meaningful discussion. Are ALL leftists that meaningless? Probably.

Asked: Have leftists had enough ridicule lately?

Poor hopeless surly leftists. Friendless and angry you remain. Did your Kindergarten teacher tell you, That your way of life would breed disdain? You try to shut down Christmas. New year's day you ...

Asked: Where can I find a cheap basketball jersey?

Where can I find a cheap basketball jersey?

Asked: Leftists have everything to fear.

Rational persons have nothing to fear. Leftists alienated all who could help them, tried for a hostile takeover of society, and spread the most ridiculous lies imaginable. Now they face discredit ...

Asked: Those cold and timid souls........

"It isn't the critic who counts, or where the great man stumbled and fell, or where the doer of deeds could have done better, for there is no effort without error and shortcoming. The credit ...

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