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Asked: Is wedding photography more important than ...

I do not understand which one is more important on a wedding ceremony. On coming month I am going to arrange all the arrangements for my best friend’s wedding and I am wants to hire the ...

Asked: College Registration of Twentieth Century

How did students register for college in the twentieth century?

Asked: What artist signed their charcoal drawings ...

what artist signed their charcoal drawings/ sketches "Ph" or "Pk?"

Asked: He made a painting of the virgin mary.In 1945

artist eg schleich

Asked: 'who is paul s robinson photography'

'who is paul s robinson photography'


Asked: What to do when walnuts fall on the ground from ...

what to do when walnuts fall on the ground from tree?

Asked: Can I sell these?

needlepoint collection I have two needle point peices that I am told may be worth $$ . . . How do I find out what they may be worth (if anything)?

Asked: Orpinas art ???

andres orpinas art Metallic or plasticlike 48" W by 30" H, 3-D in 3 1/2 Deep boxed frame labeled " Dry Dock " on brass tag with his name written in lower right corner

Asked: Unknown Art

I have a painting used as the Wunder Brewing Company ad with IX Camaret stamped on the back panel. Does it hold any value?

Asked: How can I contact John Jeffrey Barto the decoy ...

contacting John Jeffrey Barto the duck carver

Asked: Who is the best art gallery in Santa Fe nm?

I want modern art and all type painting for my art collection.

Asked: Can we use an easy spy mobile app. on different ...

Hey friends! Can we use easy spy app. on different phones? Please let me know about this? Thanks!

Asked: "Last Supper-Dali" #462-1&2

Good afternoon, I have a small painting labeled "Last Supper-Dali" from the Regal Art Studios in Chicago, is anyone familiar with this particular piece ? Thanks for your answers.....

Asked: Who is h. huber and his he a famous painter

who is h. huber and his he a famous painter

Asked: Are this any famous painters or any info ?

Paintings done by ellis e patterson or h. Huber

Asked: Painting of B-52 Being Held Aloft

Iam looking for a photograph of a painting which shows a hand holding a B-52 aloft in flight? Does anyone know the title of this painting?

Asked: Looking for aa plastic made statue

i seen a plastic made statue here in ny its a man sitting looking thru a pair of binaculars it almost looks like hes wearing a rain coat anybody know where i can get something like this

Asked: Fashion regarding has bred 11s been sensation ?

Strauss, that is definitely some kind of machine through Xyz Tips. Inside 1269 your dog consecrated Tom the Breton on the discover around Hereford upon Waverley (Ann. This analysis shows long-term ...

Asked: Ltr to Giselle Hua regarding In-Home Services

ltr to Giselle Hua regarding In-Home Services

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