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Asked: Is Lidsay Lohan Going Wild Again?

How long till she's in trouble again?

Asked: Is Lindsay Becoming a Queen of the Dead?

Now that she made it to morgue duty, will Lindsay Lohan be effected?

Asked: What should Lindsay do now?

Where do you think Lindsay should go to after her house arrest?

Asked: Can LiLo Handle a Big Role?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will be able to handle a big role without relapsing?

Asked: Can LiLo Play Elizabeth Tayor?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan can convincingly play Elizabeth Taylor?

Asked: Is Lindsay Going Down Again?

Doesn't she get tired of this?

Asked: Is LiLo broke?

LiLo spends twice what she makes and has not had a movie for 2 years, is it any surprise she is broke? What should she cut back on?

Asked: Do YOU Bleach Your Teeth?

Lindsay Lohan took the heat for having yellowed teeth (and since took care of the problem). Do YOU have special treatments to keep those pearly whites?

Asked: Lindsay and Samantha Ronson: Together or Apart?

Did Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson spend Thanksgiving apart? Will they be spending CHristmas together? Does this mean their romance is over and LiLo is into guys again?

Asked: IS Lindsay Lohan Is Married?

IS Lindsay Lohan Is married?

Asked: Does Lindsay Lohan Get Away With Everything?

Lindsay Lohan has only been jailed for a very short time even after being found guilty of more than one crime. Then she was placed on house arrest where she had parties and tested positive for ...

Asked: How many times did Lindsay Lohan appear on Dr ...

How many times did Lindsay Lohan appear on Dr. Phil, and was it before or after all of her current problems?

Asked: Will Lindsay Lohan learn from her jail sentence?

Oh, LiLo. Back to jail again. Will a 120-day sentence and community service help Lindsay Lohan learn to stay out of trouble?

Asked: In your opinion what is Lindsay Lohan's sexiest ...

In your opinion what is Lindsay Lohan's sexiest photo?

Asked: Will Lindsay Lohan avoid prison?

What was the jeweler thinking by selling the key evidence in the Lindsay Lohan case?? Does Lindsay Lohan have a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Asked: Should Lindsay Lohan be in jail?

Was it right for the judge in the Lindsay Lohan case to allow her out on bail? Has Lohan had one chance too many, or is this an example of innocent until proven guilty?

Asked: Should Lindsay Lohan just be "Lindsay"?

Lindsay Lohan is going to drop "Lohan" from her name. She'll just be "Lindsay." Hmm. I don't know what to think about this. (I wonder what other people named Lindsay think. Also, I wonder about ...

Asked: Status of lindsay lohan?

what is lindsay lohan doing these days? is she still in rehab?

Asked: Hottest celebrity who has ephelides

Who do you think is the hottest celebrity who has ephelides? I think it's Lindsay Lohan:

Asked: Is It Sad LiLo Crashed the Gplden Globe Party?

The last time Lindsay Lohan was nominated for anything was 2007. Although she didn't nab the 'Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress - Drama' for her work in "Georgia Rule," that hasn't stopped her from ...

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