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Asked: Who's to Blame?

Who will be primarily to blame if one of Detroit's automakers fails? Unions? Management? Government? The American consumer?

Asked: How do I get ... How do I get to this sight so I can cancel/suspend discontine by future orders. I need a copy of this document so I can suspend all future deliveries. I have one to ...

Asked: I don't have a bowel movement but once a week and ...

I don't have a bowel movement but once a week and when I do My stomach hurts really bad and it is almost like diarrhea. What should I do?

Asked: Fired off the clock, is this legal?

I was asked to come to the workplace on my day off and was fired, is this legal?

Asked: What time will my Dog start to Whelp her litter?

At my dog's last litter Wheelping started at 10:00pm which is what I had heard would be the average time for a dog to start labor. Has anyone else heard this? She is Pregnant again and just curious ...

Asked: for conns free delivery ... for conns free delivery rebate

Asked: News Media

the significance of immediate news media delivery on culture

Asked: Industrial Rev. Child Labor Deaths

What is the estimated amount of children that died in factories or coal mines due to the industrial revolution?( plz if possible show a link! :P)

Asked: 39 weeks pregnant... get him out of me!!!

can riding a 4 wheeler induce labor? i am less than a week from my due date, and i am so ready to birth. so i was thinking, since tomorrow is a full moon- maybe i can take the four wheeler out for a ...

Asked: My cervix is very low when normally they have ...

my cervix is very low when normally they have always been high, does this mean labor is getting close?

Asked: How do paraplegic women give birth if their nerves ...

How do paraplegic women give birth if their nerves don't work well enough to "push" the baby out? And what if C-Sections aren't available?

Asked: Is acid reflux an early sign of labor

is acid reflux an early sign of labor

Asked: Labor cost/compressor/central a/c unit ...

Oops, sorry! First-time user here. What I meant to ask is what's the typical LABOR cost for installing a new COMPRESSOR for a central A/C unit (residential -- Tampa Bay area)? Thanks!

Asked: How much does construction laborers get paid an ...

how much does construction laborers get paid an hour

Asked: Most common time of day to go into labor?

Why is it most common for women to go into labor in the middle of the night? If you have a source, that would be amazing. Thank you!

Asked: AOL Emails being rejected

I host several websites on with the same host, some under clients accounts. My recent problem is that AOL users can not email me anymore. This has not always been the case but is now happening to ...

Asked: What is your worst birth related fear?

What are you afraid of about giving birth?

Asked: Animal abuse/immoral to have monkey picked tea?

Do you think that it's animal abuse/immoral use of cheap labor to have people in China training monkeys to collect tea?

Asked: Tipping delivery guy?

Do You tip every delivery guy that stands in front of your doorstep?I already pay for grocery deliveries a huge amount and therefore I don't tip the delivery guy. Are there certain delivery guys you ...

Asked: How can we find meaning in Labor Day

What can we do in America to help Labor Day to mean something to us? I think that most people just view Labor Day as a day off from school/work. Do you agree or do you actually feel some sort of ...

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