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Asked: 99 pair shoes Jon Lee Hooker

99 pair shoes Jon Lee Hooker

Asked: Find Jon Van Slaars

Find Jon Van Slaars

Asked: What can I explode for a good cause?

What can I explode for a good cause?

Asked: How DOES Romney Justify Makiing $57000 A Day?

When Romney decided to "release the Quicken" Tuesday morning, the nation finally learned what he is really worth. Turns out, he made over $43 million in 2010 and 2011 combined -- and paid just $6 ...

Asked: Mad Men Returning 3/25. Will You Watch?

What do you think will happen?

Asked: What are Jon Huntsman's chances?

Does Jon Huntsman have a chance to win the Republican nomination for president?

Asked: Agree with Jon Stewart's slam of Fox News?

Do you agree or disagree with Jon Stewart's criticisms of Fox News (as conservative and unbalanced, etc.)?

Asked: Jon Huntsman for President?

Jon Huntsman, former Utah governor and recently U.S. ambassador to China, is set to begin his presidential campaign. Do you think he's a good candidate for the Republican nomination?

Asked: Which presidential candidate do you support?

Mike Huckabee has announced he's not running for President in 2012. Which current or potential presidential candidate do you support?

Asked: What To Make Of Jon Cryer's Spoofs On The Charlie ...

After Charlie Sheen was fired from Two & a Half Men, he called co-star Jon Cryer a traitor and a troll because Cryer wouldn't reach out to him. Jon Cryer answered this comment in a series of spoofs ...

Asked: Who Will Replace Charlie Sheen?

CBS says it plans to bring back the hit show Two & Half Men next Fall. Rumors are the creators are looking to find a good replacement for Charlie Sheen. Who should replace him?

Asked: Will Jon Gruden coach at the University of Miami?

What do you think the chances are that Jon Gruden will become the next head coach at the University of Miami?

Asked: Should Gosselin's kids have been expelled?

I don't watch reality tv but I came across an interesting article about 2 of reality stars Kate and Jon Gosselin's children being expelled for bullying other children. I think it has to do with their ...

Asked: Conan O'Brien Debuts New Late Night Talk Show on ...

Conan O'Brien debuted his new late night talk show on TBS. Big guest stars included Seth Rogen, Lea Michele, and Jack White but they were overshadowed by Conan's dramatization of his exit from NBC ...

Asked: Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Did you attend or watch the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear? What did you think? Do you believe it will have an effect on the elections?

Asked: Stewart vs Colbert: Showdown in D.C.!

Jon Stewart is leading the 'Rally to Restore Sanity' in D.C. on October 30. Stephen Colbert is leading the 'March to Keep Fear Alive': same place, same time! Will you watch the rallies, on Comedy ...

Asked: Is Kate a Catch?!

Do you agree with Kate Gosselin? Is she a 'fantastic catch'?!

Asked: Kate Wants an Album Now!

What do you think about Kate Gosselin wanting to release a Holiday Album? Would you buy it?

Asked: Kate's Back ... Again!

Did you watch the first episode of 'Kate Plus Eight'? If so, what did you think?

Asked: Was Kate overpaid?

Was Kate Gosselin overpaid at $100,000 an episode on 'Dancing with the Stars'?

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