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Asked: Who make

who make

Asked: Change or more of the Same???????

How can John Mccain and Sarah Palin say they represent change when they are using the same Swift Boat tactics against Obama, that George Bush used in the race against John Kerry? This sounds like the ...

Asked: McCain puts Country first?

Did McCain say he put ambition first, before country? Yes, though McCain said that in 2002 with respect to his 2000 presidential campaign; his 2008 campaign motto is "Country First". In his 2002 ...

Asked: McCain on Roe and Wade

Does McCain support the overturn of Roe v. Wade? Yes, though during the 2000 campaign he made conflicting statements on the issue. "I do not support Roe versus Wade. It should be overturned," John ...

Asked: John McCanin torture consequences?

bill o'riely, Is it not true that the torture John McCain endured in V-Prison , subseqently cannot put his arms behind him or raise them up?

Asked: Millitary code of conduct Did John McCain brake ...

millitary code of conduct Did John McCain brake the code of conduct as a POW .

Asked: John McCains Face

Why does John McCains faced have that large bump on the side of it?

Asked: Is Rodney Running for re-election this year?

Is Rodney running for re-election this year?

Asked: John mccain cufflinks, id rather not go through ...

john mccain cufflinks, id rather not go through ebay, if i can help it

Asked: Rev. Rick Warren's Forum

Do you believe John Mccain when he said that he did not listen to the questions from Rev. Rick Warrens forum, when he showed up 30 minutes late ?

Asked: John Mccain's faith why can't he talk about it?

Why is John Mccain so reluctant to speak of his faith in public? Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have spoke of their faith and how it has guided their lives. Jesus tells us in Luke 9: 25-26 For ...

Asked: Why is John Mccain complaining?

Why is John Mccain now complaining abot Barack going to Iraq when he was the one who dared him to go over there? Is it because he is looking to Presidential? You get what you ask for!

Asked: How many combat missions did johnhn Mcain fly and ...

How many combat missions did johnhn Mcain fly and how many of his squadron good down on his last missiion??

Asked: How to install front hyd grader blade on a jd4300

how to install front hyd grader blade on a jd4300

Asked: What are your thoughts on this???

Since the election there has been a lot of inside fighting among the Mccain campaign and Sarah Palin. I am not a Mccain supporter, but I think that it is wrong how the campaign threw Palin under the ...

Asked: What if Mccain had won?????

If John Mccain would have won, would we see all of the hatred that is posted out here on Yedda, the way it is post for President Elect Barack Obama? I can't believe the things that people say about ...

Asked: How was John McCain tested?

How was John McCain tested?

Asked: Say it ain't so Joe??????

Wow!!! It turns out that Joe the plumber is related to Charles Keating of the Keating 5 scandal that Mccain was mixed up in years ago. What are the odds of that happening? Was Joe really a plant ...

Asked: Make up your mind John, which is it ????

On Friday Senator Mccain told a crowd at one of his rallys that Obama was a decent family man and he respects him. On Monday his campaign goes door to door telling voters that he (Obama), is friends ...

Asked: What is he implying????

At a Mccain rally, a preacher prayed a prayer for God to intervene in the election. He implied that the oponent's(Obama's) supporters were praying to *their* god hindu, Buddah, allah. Is he implying ...

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