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Asked: Typical leftists................

Leftists are under-achievers, and held in scorn. I bet that fact makes leftists proud of their insane racism, membership in the KKK, and the fact that they all act like the KKK racist Bart Simpson ...

Asked: Jessica And Ashlee Simpson

Why Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Is So Famous?

Asked: Chainsaw????

Who made the sears lightweight chainsaw model # 719351070 or the 719351060.and can you still get parts for it

Asked: Why did I NOT see ANY BIDETS on "The Help?"

Why did I NOT see ANY BIDETS on "The Help?" On the recent film "The Help," it went over the topic of toilets frequently, but why did I not see even ONE, SINGLE BIDET?

Asked: Judy Darlene Mora, 57 yrs old, Modesto, Ca ...

Judy Darlene Mora, 57 yrs old, Modesto, Ca., daughter Tara Lynn Congelton

Asked: Jessica Simpson posing nude - pregnant

What is your favorite celebrity nude picture?

Asked: Scholarships for Atheists?

A national association that says there's no proof for the existence of God is managing a scholarship fund set up for a teenage atheist at the center of a dispute over a prayer banner at a Rhode Island ...

Asked: Mandatory Prayer in School: Pro or Con?

Jessica Ahlquist, Teenage Atheist, Wins Case To Remove Prayer Banner From Cranston High School. What do YOU think about praying in school?

Asked: What's Your Take on Jessica Chastain?

Do you like her on "The Help"? Does she deserve the award?

Asked: What do YOU Think about Maternity Clothes?

In YOUR opinion, should pregnant women refrain from skinny clothes?

Asked: Does Jessica Simpson Need a Diet?

Is she the right choice as WeightWatchers Spokesperson?

Asked: Jessica Biel or Anne Hathaway?

Who do YOU think is the better actress?

Asked: Why Do Celebrities Try to Hide Their Pregnancy

Did Jessica Simpson try to hide her pregnancy?

Asked: What's Up With Jessica Lang?

Did you see her on Craig Ferguson?

Asked: Do You Think Tattoos Are Sexy?

What's the earliest age a girl can have a tattoo in your opinion?

Asked: Www.costco.comI need to change my address ...

www.costco.comI need to change my address....old address is 15252 Seneca Rd #320 Victorvilee, Ca. 92392 New Address is 15999 Holly Brook Lane Victorville, Ca. 92395 Membership No. 111785712359 ...

Asked: What do you think about wearing an army jacket ...

What do you think about wearing an army jacket with basic summer dresses?

Asked: Have you read Homer?

What was written first, The Odyssey or The Iliad?

Asked: Would you watch Oprah interview O.J. Simpson?

Would you watch Oprah interview O.J. Simpson?

Asked: Who Is Your Fashion Icon?

Lady Gaga recently received the Fashion Icon award by the Council of Fashion Designers in America. In the past, Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicole Kidman have received the award. We also love the ...

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