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Asked: I heard Jessica Alba is pregnant is this true?

I heard Jessica Alba is pregnant is this true?

Asked: Jessica Alba's Endangered Shark Awareness In ...

Last week, Jessica Alba plastered posters of a great white shark across different spots in Downtown Oklahoma City to raise awareness of endangered sharks. What do you think about this??

Asked: Jessica Alba plans to adopt

Jessica Alba is the next celebrity to announce her plan to adopt. Where should she adopt from? Do you think Hollywood setting a good example for adoption?

Asked: Jessica Alba Cash Warren pregnant

Did Jessica Alba marry Cash Warren because she's pregnant? If she's due in the Summer, does that mean she's now three months pregnant?

Asked: The Razzie goes to?

Did The Love Guru really deserve to win so many Razzies? Were Mike Myers and Jessica Alba really that bad? CREDIT:Paramount

Asked: Jessica And Ashlee Simpson

Why Jessica And Ashlee Simpson Is So Famous?

Asked: Jessica Alba illegimatately pregnant- this will ...

Since Jessica Alba isn't married and pregnant with her boyfriend , do you think that this is going to hurt her reputation? Are you happy for her, or does this news make you wonder whether she's ...

Asked: Jessica Alba & Cash Warren married

According to a source, Cash Warren and Jessica Alba were married in the Beverly Hills courthouse's ceremony room under an arch of green silk foliage and white flowers. They were casually dressed, with ...

Asked: Time to bring back torture devices?

We have all of these sick bastards in the world.Just to name a few Casey Anthony,Haley Cummings family, and this Fritzl freak,I think it's time to bring back torture devices what do you think?

Asked: I would like to know how to win a million dollars

I would like to know how to win a million dollars

Asked: How tall is jessica lowndes

how tall is jessica lowndes

Asked: Name of the upcoming baby of Jessica Alba

what was the name of Jessica Alba upcoming baby? and is this a boy or girl?

Asked: What's Your Take on Jessica Chastain?

Do you like her on "The Help"? Does she deserve the award?

Asked: What do YOU Think about Maternity Clothes?

In YOUR opinion, should pregnant women refrain from skinny clothes?

Asked: Bra color

what color of bra is ashley riley wearing??

Asked: Does Jessica Simpson Need a Diet?

Is she the right choice as WeightWatchers Spokesperson?

Asked: Jessica Biel or Anne Hathaway?

Who do YOU think is the better actress?

Asked: Whatelse did Jessica Simpson Say??

I have a question for Mr. Woods, I see you did a phone interview with Jessica did she talk about her latest single and Tony Romo?

Asked: Why Do Celebrities Try to Hide Their Pregnancy

Did Jessica Simpson try to hide her pregnancy?

Asked: Murder she wrote

is jessica fletcher still alive are not?

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