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Asked: Will Israel Attack Iran Against US Wishes?

A military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities is "not prudent" at the present moment, America's top military official, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, told "CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS " in an interview ...

Asked: Will Israel Attack Iran?

What do you think will happen if they do? What will happen if they don't?

Asked: What are the most useful local websites in Israël ...

What are the most useful local websites in Israël ? if I go there fo 1 week.. so.. simple and used by its residents

Asked: What's your favorite part of July 4th?

Is it the fireworks, the BBQ, or maybe the sense of Independence?

Asked: Your opinion of Obama's Middle East speech?

What did you think of President Obama's speech about the Middle East ... in particular about the Israeli-Palestinian peace process?

Asked: Your views about the bombing in Jerusalem and ...

What's your reaction to the bombing in Jerusalem and Israel's retaliation in Gaza?

Asked: How does Israel choose its president?

How does Israel choose its president?

Asked: Foreign Assistance to Fight Fire in Israel

Are you surprised that so many nations -- including ones that have had tensions with Israel -- have offered assistance to fight the fire near Haifa?

Asked: What caused fire in Israel?

Do the Israeli authorities know how the deadly fire in Northern Israel started?

Asked: Is hummus a terrorist weapon?

I just read a disturbing article about Princeton University students voting in a campus-wide referendum regarding available brands of hummus on campus. The student group, Princeton Committee for ...

Asked: Airport Security: Is Israel the Answer?

Over the past week or so, much ink has been spilled over the pros and cons of airport security techniques as diverse as body scanners (child porn ?), passenger profiling (racist or just plain ...

Asked: Dancing with the Stars ready for same-sex couple?

Israel's version of Dancing with the Stars currently features a same-sex couple – will America's favorite show be next? And is there a star out there willing to be part of the first same-sex pair?

Asked: Israel in the News

It seems like every day lately that Israel is recognized for something else negative. So I think it's important to recognize the positives, those things the media "forgets" to mention in their reports ...

Asked: Controversial conviction for rape

What is your opinion about the conviction in Israel of an Arab man for rape on the grounds that he posed as a Jewish bachelor before having consensual sex with a Jewish woman?

Asked: Abbas Eulogizes Mastermind of '72 Olympics Attack

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, July 4, 2010 eulogized the mastermind behind the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. "He is missed," said Abbas. "He ...

Asked: Obama says bond between Israel and USA is ...

In a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Barak Obama said the bond between Israel and America is unbreakable. Do you think Obama's past and current actions show an American ...

Asked: How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the ...

Racism in the Islamic World- How can peace prevail in the Middle East in the face of Islamic bigotry and hate? When will moderate Muslims speak out? For years, the U.N., led by ...

Asked: Israel and the Gaza flotilla

What is your reaction to the tragic events on the Gaza flotilla?

Asked: What makes wine kosher and how many different ...

what makes wine kosher and how many different types of kosher wine is there?

Asked: Is Bibi being set up by the US?

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyhu is scheduled to meet with the Obama administration about the current criticisms against the soveriegn nation issued against her. Mitchell has refused to visit the ...

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