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Asked: Should Gabourey pose for Vogue?

Are you for or against Gabourey Sidibe posing for the cover of Vogue Magazine?

Asked: Best Hollywood Actor Turned Broadway Star

Who do you think is the best Hollywood actor turned Broadway star?

Asked: Best Celebrity Tweet?

What is the best celebrity twitter story of 2009?

Asked: Top TV Moment of 2009?

What was the top tv moment of 2009?

Asked: Biggest celebrity news story of 2009?

What was the biggest celebrity news story of the year?

Asked: Christmas with a celeb

Which celebrity would like to spend Christmas with if you could?

Asked: Most Popular Gossip of 2010 So Far!

What do you think was the most popular celebrity gossip story of the first half of 2010?

Asked: Melrose Place Old vs New?

How does the new cast of Melrose Place compare to the old version?

Asked: How does everyone know what i do all the time

how does everyone know what i do all the time

Asked: Are 'The Hills' Fake?

Lo Bosworth says that 'The Hills' are not fake. Do you believe her?

Asked: Levi's Back!

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston are engaged again and Sarah Palin is not too happy! Do you think they can actually make it to the altar this time?

Asked: Brit's Boys!

Britney Spears says she would rather lock up her sons than let them be famous! Do you blame her?

Asked: Is Lady Gaga the 'Best New Artist'?

Would Lady Gaga have won the Grammy for 'Best New Artist' had she been allowed to be nominated?

Asked: 2010 Emmy Nominees!

What do you think about this year's Emmy Nominees? Who do you think will steal the show with the most awards?

Asked: New Spidey!

What do you think of the new 'Peter Parker', Andrew Garfield? Do you think he will make a good Spidey?

Asked: Madame Tussaud's does Kim K!

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's wax duplicate? Does it look better then she does?

Asked: Forbes Most Powerful Celebs of 2010

Do you agree with Forbes Magazine? Should Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce be called 3 of the 'Most Powerful Celebs of 2010'?

Asked: Was Jeremy London Really Kidnapped?

Do you believe Jeremy London's story that he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs at gunpoint?

Asked: Are You With Elton?

Do you agree with Elton John for slamming the other music artists who have boycotted Israel since the Flotilla incident?

Asked: Ryan Does Date!!

What do you think about Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough dating? Do you think they could make a good couple?

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