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Asked: Gigolos - Pick point, spots / location in pune

can someone tell me the pick points for Gigolos in pune? your help in this will be highly appreciated, Txs, Lezy

Asked: How to install metal roof?‎

How to install metal roof?‎

Asked: Why do I love you Liberace poem?

Why do I love you Liberace poem?

Asked: Love

how can i tell this person that im deeply in love with him?

Asked: Is it a good idea to let your child name your ...

is it a good idea to let your child name your new baby? i dont want my little girl to feel left out when i have the new baby and this would make her more involved but what if i dont like the name? Has ...

Asked: Love

Good Day help Help Please- I am inlove with this guy ,so so in luv .The mean thing here is saterday i could not make it to a party , and he was there my best friend knows i like this guy ,but I ...

Asked: Love

Good day what is one to do when he/she is inlove with his /her stepsister's brother or son.Urgent help needed.

Asked: Lost Love?

I am a girl who got out of a relationship a while ago. The thing is that he still calls me and acts like we are still together. Its seems like everytime I try to get over him, he comes back and tells ...

Asked: Love triangle

what do i do when I fall in love with one woman but still in love with another?

Asked: What does a relationship mean to you?

What does a relationship mean to you?

Asked: What is additional love

What is additional love

Asked: What was the most popular baby name in the U.S ...

What was the most popular baby name in the U.S. over the last 100 years

Asked: Relationship in families

what relationship is my grandmother's son's daughter to me?

Asked: Help !! marriage advice ....

help !! marriage advice ....

Asked: Love

Good Day Very very urgent help needed I need to go to this party tonight ,but my boyfriend does not want me to go ,he is saying his gone leave me if i decide to go and i really to not want to lose ...

Asked: Now that Obama is disenfranchised, might we resume ...

Obama's repetitive humiliations left him ignored by all but the extremist left. These angry bigots will do anything that is hateful. He has been sidelined from June 2009 and will remain sidelined in ...

Asked: Funeral for michael jefferson, jr.

When is the funeral for Michael Jefferson, Jr. who was murdered on Easter Sunday in Windsor Mill, Md

Asked: Discipline for child

should a parent ask child to remove something from toilet with bare hands

Asked: Cyber Relationship

I am in a relationship with a guy. We came to know each other through online dating website. It's been 1 year we have still not meet each other. In the initial 2-3 months he was very loving. He made ...

Asked: Problem in love

i am 26 year old boy from problem is that i am in a love with a girl but i don't know what to is affecting me in every aspect..i can't do anything, can't study, can't focus on my career in ...

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