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Asked: God's Gender

Would you answer this on Tuesday's program? The Methodist pastor said that God has no gender that he is neither male nor female. How would a person explain that that is incorrect? We need help to ...

Asked: Part TimeChurch Workers Policy

how to create policy for part time church workers

Asked: Looking to contact Darlene Wyner Ministries in the ...

Darlene Wyner the homeless in Boston area

Asked: Roaring 20's ladies tea devotion

roaring 20's ladies tea devotion

Asked: does the name Myrhl appear in the Bible

does the name Myrhl appear in the Bible

Asked: Bible study show on t.v, with a woman named .pat..

bible study show on t.v, with a woman named pat!

Asked: Anyone know Sandra L. Steve

sandra l. steve.. Does anyone know Sandra L. Steve from Las Vegas, Nevada..I am looking for answers about her..Please help..She has a daughter named Kate..

Asked: Donbosses Who are they and where can I find their ...

Donbosses Who are they and where can I find their history in English?

Asked: How many enemies did the israelites have

how many enemies did the israelites have

Asked: Ghost Writers in Cary, NC

How can I find a ghost writer to help me write my memoir? I live in Cary, NC.

Asked: FIFA fans you how evaluation AC Milan coach ...

Beijing on December 31st news, after the winter break after the adjustment, the Serie A this weekend in the fighting, while AC Milan coach Allegri in an interview confirmed personally, he will leave ...

Asked: Non Illegitimus Baptism Certificates?

Were the Catholics baptismal certificate of childrenwhose partents were not married in the ever marekd Non Illigitimus?

Asked: Koln (Cologne) Cathedral took no side with the ...

On 2 January, there was a massive protest against Islam in Koln, (Cologne) Germany. The protest is against the recent spate of child suicide attacks in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Dresden, Hamburg, and Bonn ...

Asked: True religion?

James 1:26-27 If anyone thinks himself to be religious, and yet does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this man's religion is worthless. 27 Pure and undefiled religion in the sight ...

Asked: What does this mean?

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose." What does this mean?

Asked: Tax write off

interest expense from using the down payment from an investment property

Asked: FIFA football golden ball award who would you ...

Golden Globe Award nominee, C Luo, Messi, Ribery. The French star Ribery told German media "Bild" interview, call a spade a spade criticism FIFA delay the golden ball award voting practices, claiming ...

Asked: Orlando sentinel reprints article about pope 2 to ...

Orlando sentinel reprints article about pope 2 to 3 days ago ? Thanks

Asked: Test


Asked: For those who will have it, Merry Christmas, and a ...

Christ's Mass occurs tomorrow. We don't know when Jesus was actually born (probably sometime in late February or early April). All we really do know is what He said, and it makes sense. "Love God ...

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