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Asked: Natural Infertility Treatments vs. Traditional

Im looking into natural infertility treatments as the cost of ivf can be so high. Has anyone used natural infertility treatments and had success in this way?

Asked: Sperm extraction with vasectomy reversal

Hi, my husband had a vasectomy around 10 years ago. We are looking into having a reversal done but are aware the success rate may not be very high. Can sperm be extracted directly from the testes ...

Asked: Why can't I get Pregnant!?

I can't get pregnant, I'd had a forced "abortion" when I was 15 years old by my Mother, we didn't actually know if I was pregnant or not I took about 8 pills, my mother said it was "to be safe". Could ...

Asked: Infertility Acupuncture

I'm looking at doing infertility acupuncture at Fifth Avenue Acupuncture New York NY and wondered if anyone had successful experience with infertility acupuncture?

Asked: Fertility Solutions Through Acupuncture

Has anyone heard of Fifth Avenue Fertility Acupuncture and their doctor Angela Le. I've been researching holistic approaches to fertility solutions and I like what I've been reading on their site ...

Asked: Fertility Acupuncture

What are your thoughts on fertility acupuncture? The doctor of acupuncture, Angela Le is supposed to be one of the best acupuncturists in NY and I think I like the acupuncture clinics philosophy ...

Asked: Should I be concerned with cramping during ...

Should I be concerned with cramping during ovulation?

Asked: I want a baby,

im 24 yrs old.. only have a few yrs to have a baby before i have to have everything removed.. drs say i may not be able to carry. would be high risk.. want one more then anything.. not sure where to ...

Asked: Can I donate eggs in return for a surrogate?

I am 43. I have 4 biological children. at an early age 30 i had a hysterectomy due to fibroid cysts. I still have my ovaries and mood swings :) I am now in a new marriage I so desperately want more ...

Asked: Age of donor

How old do you have to be to donate sperm?

Asked: Hello

Hi i have 2 beautiful healthy children and for the right price im willing to be a serogate to whom cant have but want children.....Just email me at mickai.Mm@gmail.Com

Asked: Am i unable to have anymore kids?

havMy fiance and I have been trying to concieve for about close to a year now but my period is irregular and hard to tell when I'm ovulating and still no babybranbdy can am I not able for us to ...

Asked: 1. What does "pus cell in semen" mean? 2. Is this ...

1. What does "pus cell in semen" mean? 2. Is this a serious case? 3. How do I cure this condition, if there is a cure?

Asked: Thought you might like this bit of fun

thought you might like this bit of fun!

Asked: Is it possible I could ever get pregnant? I want ...

Is it possible I could ever get pregnant? I want to have a tubal reversal, but 3 years ago I had an endometrial ablation. I have regular periods.

Asked: Hi i am 33 years old and my hubby is 35. My ...

hi i am 33 years old and my hubby is 35. My hubby having 11% sperm count and 15% sperm motility. Is IVF with ICSI works for us to have a baby....Please be frank please.........

Asked: How can miscarriage be treated?

how can miscarriage be treated?

Asked: Not able to conceive

I am not able to concieve though trying for a long time. plz help me. I had 2 abortions both for 38 days 1 ectopic

Asked: After 2nd cycle IVF on day 14th hormones was 47 ...

After 2nd cycle IVF on day 14th hormones was 47%.On day 15th I had a pain and period.Do you think it's normal?

Asked: Is it too late for my egg with a serogate?

I am 48. I have had a hysterectomy and one ovary removed. Is it too late for me to use a serogate with my own egg? Help! Time is running out for me and I long for a baby of my own.

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