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Asked: What stars had small cell lung cancer

what stars had small cell lung cancer

Asked: Need help...I'm scared I have cancer

blood in urine 5-9, High RBC, high WBC in blood test. hemoglobin is borderline high. what does this mean?

Asked: Chemo treatment

Will the clinic be open for chemo treatment on Monday 9/15/08

Asked: Lung cancer

is it possiable to have lung cancer at the age of 24?

Asked: Post mastectomy

My Double Mastectomy was 1 1/2 years ago. I am still getting seromas on my right chest incision. After 1 year and 11 seromas, my surgeon opened up the area and took out a lot of scar tissue and some ...

Asked: Cervical cancer during pregnancy.

cervical cancer during pregnancy.

Asked: Where can I get help I have cancer have not worked ...

where to get financial assistance in dire need

Asked: SCLC Extensive-Lines of Chemo

My husband is on third line chemo (CAV). First line (Carbo/Etop) was successful, then he developed another tumor. Second line (Topotecan) was ineffective, he developed two more tumors. Now on third ...

Asked: Breast cancer???

I have a very tiny hard lump in my left armpit, is that something I should be worried about?

Asked: Can cancer grow back during a chemo break

can cancer grow back during a chemo break

Asked: Bladder cancer?

I am a 34 year old female who recently found that i have a bladder mass. I have had symptoms for 2 years that I ignored. I am afraid that it could be cancerous. I am going to have a cystoscopy in 3 ...

Asked: Aveco/

gA drug for renal cancer or the name of the company that makes it--AVECO?

Asked: What kind of cancer would cause your collarbone to ...

what kind of cancer would cause your collarbone to protrude

Asked: When did dr. randy pausch die?

when did dr. randy pausch die?qt=q

Asked: Anyone know how to read a petscan picture

anyone know how to read a petscan picture

Asked: Swollen lymph node

I have a swollen lymph node in my left armpit. It's been there for well over a month now. I've been to the doctor's and also had a mammogram done. They say the mammo was normal, they didn't see ...

Asked: Lab values for chemotherapy patients

Looking for a list of lab values that would tell you not to start the chemotherapy. I am an Oncology RN/Preceptor @ IRMC and have been unable to find a list. There is one available but have been ...

Asked: Cancer Patient Gift Basket

My brother is in the hospital awaiting surgery to remove a tumor, malignent, from his tongue. I am going to visit him, and need to know what would be the most beneficial items to put in a gift basket ...

Asked: Assistance with funds to be with mother who has ...

Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew of any assistance one could receive for paying for a hotel room and gas to be with my mother in OSU in Columbus, Ohio who is in the last stages of lung cancer. I ...

Asked: Carac cream pictures of treatment

carac cream pictures of treatment

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