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Asked: Was candidate Obama's father 7/8's Arab and 1/8 ...

I have been informed that the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama Sr lists him as being 7/8 Arab and 1/8 Black. I would appreciate any information relevant to this.

Asked: Did Obama say in his first book that he would side ...

Did Obama say in his first book that he would side with the muslims against the the Israels.

Asked: Right to carry

can you guarantee my right to carry will not be in jeopardy if you are elected president?

Asked: Why Does Its Seem That Barack Obamas Deserting ...

I'm not trying to be racist , By why does it seem that Barack Obama , Has given more Blacks , Hispanics jobs in his cabinet But why does it seem he is turning his back on the White ...

Asked: Who is Obama going to pick for his vice ...

Who is Obama going to pick for his vice president?

Asked: Are You Glad Barack Obama is Strangling You?

Is it ok for him to destroy capitalism in the United States? Is it ok for him to lead us to the hell of Marxism? Did you read your Pravda today?

Asked: Writer Removed From Presidential Press Area

Newspaper writer Brenda Lee got tossed from an Air Force One press area after trying to get a letter against gay marriage delivered to President Barack Obama. What do you think about the incident?

Asked: Iraq Prisoner Abuse

President Barack Obama reversed himself and decided not to release photos showing the torture of prisoners in Iraq. Do you support Obama's decision? Why or why not?

Asked: How do you solve a problem like Obama?

How do you solve a problem like Obama?

Asked: Obama's Court Nominee

What are your early impressions of Sonia Sotomayor? Is she a good choice for the Supreme Court? Share your comments here.

Asked: How Many Electoral College Votes Did Barack Obama ...

How many Electoral college votes did Barack Obama win to become U.S. President?

Asked: Can Mitt Romney win?

Mitt Romney begins the presidential campaign as a front-runner for the Republican nomination. Do you think he has a good chance to win the nomination? Do you believe he could defeat Barack Obama in ...

Asked: Barack and Michelle Obama are amazingly stupid ...

Barack and Michelle Obama are amazingly stupid. I saw their interview with Barbara Walters and neither of them is capable of expressing an original thought.They also drop the "g" at the end of words ...

Asked: Do you believe it's really Bin Laden?

Is it possible someone else was killed instead of Bin Laden?

Asked: What will happen to Bin Laden's body?

Where will Bin Laden be buried?

Asked: What are 3 tools in the President's dealings with ...

I want you to think about the position of presidents relative to Congress. What are the tools available to the President in his/her dealings with Congress (list and describe at least 3 tools ...

Asked: Should Sarah Palin run for President?

Sarah Palin is on a motorcycle and bus tour, which seems like a preparation for a presidential campaign. Should she run for President?

Asked: Obama's Father's Day Letter

What do you think of President Barack Obama's Father's Day letter? Share your comments here.

Asked: Would You Vote Donald Trump For President of The ...

Donald Trump has withdrawn his application to the Republican party and decided not to run for president in 2012, despite being "sure he'd get the job." Would you have voted for him?

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