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Asked: What to do when walnuts fall on the ground from ...

what to do when walnuts fall on the ground from tree?

Asked: Can I sell these?

needlepoint collection I have two needle point peices that I am told may be worth $$ . . . How do I find out what they may be worth (if anything)?

Asked: I have a beautiful 23

I have a beautiful 23" x 27" Leon Phinney oil painting of a sloop on a calm sea -- all lovely blues, whites, blacks and grays. It was painted in the late 1960's, and even "tailored" to the buyer's ...

Asked: How can I contact John Jeffrey Barto the decoy ...

contacting John Jeffrey Barto the duck carver

Asked: Orsay Painting - Comedian?

art - comedians I'm trying to recall a painting (in Orsay?) of a comedian--and no, not by Watteau. Help!

Asked: Can we use an easy spy mobile app. on different ...

Hey friends! Can we use easy spy app. on different phones? Please let me know about this? Thanks!

Asked: "Last Supper-Dali" #462-1&2

Good afternoon, I have a small painting labeled "Last Supper-Dali" from the Regal Art Studios in Chicago, is anyone familiar with this particular piece ? Thanks for your answers.....

Asked: Who is h. huber and his he a famous painter

who is h. huber and his he a famous painter

Asked: Are this any famous painters or any info ?

Paintings done by ellis e patterson or h. Huber

Asked: Painting of B-52 Being Held Aloft

Iam looking for a photograph of a painting which shows a hand holding a B-52 aloft in flight? Does anyone know the title of this painting?

Asked: I'm looking for Molly Borin

Bill Borin Houston Texas

Asked: Ltr to Giselle Hua regarding In-Home Services

ltr to Giselle Hua regarding In-Home Services

Asked: What is mix 439 in pottery chemicals for glazes

what is mix 439 in pottery chemicals for glazes

Asked: Articles on harry holcroft ..Would like any and ...

Articles on harry holcroft ..Would like any and all articles from the early beginings of his life?

Asked: What is the news on the world’s best psychic ...

Hi Friends, I have heard a lot on the Theresa Caputo scandal and how she has been manipulating the audience and not giving any good readings. Is it true?

Asked: Bird nest pattern for crochet? Does your bird nest pattern come with instructions for crochet work?

Asked: T. Jones "Queen of Hearts" ceramic item

T. Jones "Queen of Hearts" Ceramic item / this is a whimsical ceramic pottery face of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Circular with only only nose, mouth, chin, cheeks & teeth, no eyes ...

Asked: Watergate bandstand

watergate bandstand

Asked: Is wedding photography more important than ...

I do not understand which one is more important on a wedding ceremony. On coming month I am going to arrange all the arrangements for my best friend’s wedding and I am wants to hire the ...

Asked: Judge the Best Concrete Batching Plant

A good concrete batching plant will bring so much profits to your projects. But how we choose or judge the best concrete batching plant and suitable to our projects and save much more energy and cost ...

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