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Asked: Does anyone have any information on Adolph ...

Does anyone have any information on Adolph Jeff who lived on Alexander Street in Rochester, New York? He may have be a calligrapher, graphic designer or involved in advertising. Thank you, Ken

Asked: M.Gcanand

Has anyone ever heard of this artist ? I hve a painting by them,it is a bowl of flowers with a figurine. M.Gcanand ( Artist

Asked: Orth annythingis it w

Zabei 81 is a print from a artist im trying to find its worth

Asked: Authentic hand signed Chagall lithograph

where do I sell an original hand-signed Chagall lithograph?

Asked: C M Bosworth print

I have a print, the artist is cm Bosworth. It looks really old and I am wanting to find out its worth.

Asked: DeFrank 1865 Hudson Valley painter

DeFrank 1865 Hudson Valley painter "DeFrank 1865" looks to be of the Niagara Falls. Has anyone heard of this painter?

Asked: Yourself and Turn it into a Cartoon

We Convert a Photo of Yourself and Turn it into a Cartoon

Asked: I have a beautiful 23

I have a beautiful 23" x 27" Leon Phinney oil painting of a sloop on a calm sea -- all lovely blues, whites, blacks and grays. It was painted in the late 1960's, and even "tailored" to the buyer's ...

Asked: Orsay Painting - Comedian?

art - comedians I'm trying to recall a painting (in Orsay?) of a comedian--and no, not by Watteau. Help!

Asked: I'm looking for Molly Borin

Bill Borin Houston Texas

Asked: T. Jones "Queen of Hearts" ceramic item

T. Jones "Queen of Hearts" Ceramic item / this is a whimsical ceramic pottery face of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Circular with only only nose, mouth, chin, cheeks & teeth, no eyes ...

Asked: Is wedding photography more important than ...

I do not understand which one is more important on a wedding ceremony. On coming month I am going to arrange all the arrangements for my best friend’s wedding and I am wants to hire the ...


Asked: Orpinas art ???

andres orpinas art Metallic or plasticlike 48" W by 30" H, 3-D in 3 1/2 Deep boxed frame labeled " Dry Dock " on brass tag with his name written in lower right corner

Asked: Who is the best art gallery in Santa Fe nm?

I want modern art and all type painting for my art collection.

Asked: Looking for aa plastic made statue

i seen a plastic made statue here in ny its a man sitting looking thru a pair of binaculars it almost looks like hes wearing a rain coat anybody know where i can get something like this

Asked: Who is artist M P

who is the artist M P. three woman with large vases reclining on a wall in front of a reflective pool?

Asked: Photography contest about 1940

Philadelphia Inquirer I am looking for an issue of the Inquirer of about 1940.There was a photography contest called,"back to school"

Asked: Margaret Z. Wood, artist, oreland, pa 19075. Did ...

Margaret Z. Wood, artist, oreland, pa 19075. Did she do any more paintings and where can I find them?

Asked: Does this artisoo giveaway open worldwide?

Does this artisoo giveaway open worldwide?

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