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Asked: What Killed Amy Winehouse?

Do you agree with her father?

Asked: Where did Amy Winehouse go?

Where did Amy Winehouse go?

Asked: Can Amy Winehouse ever overcome addiction?

Amy Winehouse was apparently drunk or on drugs again in a disastrous performance in Belgrade. Is there no hope for her? (I think it's possible to turn your life around ... Robert Downey Jr. made a ...

Asked: Amy Winehouse looks horrible!

What is up with Amy Winehouse? She looks horrible in this picture. Will she ever get back on track?

Asked: Amy's songs rejected?

Amy Winehouse's record label have rejected the new songs she has written for her new album, has she lost it? Can she make a come back? CREDIT: Jon Furniss, WireImage

Asked: No Visa for Amy?

Amy Winehouse cancelled her performance at the Coachella festival because she was denied a US visa following assault charges. Does she deserve it?

Asked: Winehouse-healthy and topless!

Amy Winehouse is getting healthy after a long time in rehab, and the paparazzi is going mad over her being caught topless on vacation! Do you think that is fair? Still, her new healthy look is being ...

Asked: Is Amy Sober?

Does this look like a 'sober' Amy Winehouse to you?

Asked: Did Amy go too far?

Did Amy Winehouse go to far when she ran through her St Lucia hotel naked, after being told not to go topless? X17

Asked: Can Amy win back Blake?

Amy Winehouse is back in the UK after a 71 day holiday in St Lucia just when Blake is out of prison. Can she win him back? CREDIT:WireImage

Asked: Should Amy cover up?

Pictures of Amy Winehouse topless on the beach with Alan Carr seem to be everywhere but do we really want to see them?

Asked: Should Amy take Blake back?

Is Amy Winehouse crazy to cut her holiday in St Lucia short to go and visit her ex, Blake in prison? Do you think he deserves a second chance?

Asked: Boycotting Amy Winehouse's records

Do you think that if fans would stop buying Amy Winehouse's records, as her father in law suggested , she will quit using drugs ?

Asked: Can Amy stay out of trouble?

Amy Winehouse had to pay a fine and has been given a conditional discharge for a drunken assault. This means she will need to stay out of trouble for 2 years to avoid further punishment. Do you think ...

Asked: Should Amy Winehouse be locked up?

Do you think that Amy Winehouse's dad is being a little extreme in wanting her to be locked up in a mental institution? I'm torn, because while I really like her music, I think she is totally falling ...

Asked: Should Amy Winehouse be allowed to have kids?

I just saw an interview with Amy Winehouse where she said she wants to have kids - have you seen the state of her? and her husband is still in prison! Should known drug addicts be allowed to have ...

Asked: Hairstyle?

would you ever try this hairstyle?

Asked: Best Pop Album

What do you think is the top pop album of the decade 2000's?

Asked: Amy Winehouse Drugs no Visa

Amy Winehouse won 5 Grammys, but had to give her performance across the Atlantic because she didn't get a visa to the US. Was she denied her visa because of the drugs?

Asked: Amy Winehouse to adopt?

Amy Winehouse is said to want to adopt a St Lucian child, would she make a fit mother? Is it just because Blake is having a baby with someone else?

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