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Asked: Is the Silent Movie Making a Comeback?

"The Artist" nabbed the Best Picture Oscar, leaving everyone at the 84th annual Academy Awards speechless.Is this the beginning of a "Silent Movie Renaissance"?

Asked: Is this a Scam

Is there really a legitimate 2012 Best of Redmond Awards?

Asked: Sacha Baron Cohen's Oscars Performance: Like it?

Cohen -- who plays Admiral General Aladeen, a deposed North African dictator who comes to America, in the upcoming comedy -- walked the red carpet in full dictatorial regalia with two statuesque ...

Asked: I need this letter

I need the original Notice of Award letter that I received when I got disabled in the 1990's can you please help me. Thankyou

Asked: What party store that sells miniature oscar ...

What party store that sells miniature oscar statues

Asked: What's Your Take on Jessica Chastain?

Do you like her on "The Help"? Does she deserve the award?

Asked: Will Woody Allen Show Up for the Oscars?

Will Woody Allen make an appearance? What's your guess?

Asked: Will graffiti artist Banksy show up?

Do you think graffiti artist Banksy will appear at the Academy Awards ceremony next week?

Asked: Your thoughts on the Oscars?

What surprises you in the Oscar nominations? Who do you think will win?

Asked: Sarah Hyland's Shining Moment?

Do YOU think the zipper broke because she ate too much?

Asked: Should Adele Open 2012 Grammy?

Do you think she's the right choice? Who would YOU choose?

Asked: Dustin L. Black/Oscar Winner/Original Screenplay ...

I have searched the Web extensively for a bio on Dustin L. Black and have come up with very little.

Asked: Were Corey Haim and Peter Graves unfairly snubbed ...

Corey Haim ("The Lost Boys") and Peter Graves ("Airplane!") were left out of the memorial montage at the Oscars. Would you have included them?

Asked: Kirk Douglas at the Oscars: Odd or marvelous?

What did you think of Kirk Douglas' presentation of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress?

Asked: Why Would The Academy Make James Franco And Anne ...

Anne Hathaway and James Franco are the youngest hosts in Oscar history and both nominated for awards for their movies. What do you think the Academy was trying to say when they decided to make them ...

Asked: Will AOL ever come to its senses and bring back ...

Will AOL ever come to its senses and bring back the message boards? I doubt it!

Asked: Is It Sad LiLo Crashed the Gplden Globe Party?

The last time Lindsay Lohan was nominated for anything was 2007. Although she didn't nab the 'Teen Choice Award for Choice Actress - Drama' for her work in "Georgia Rule," that hasn't stopped her from ...

Asked: Most awarded artist

Which artist got the highest number of Academy Awards ?

Asked: George Cluny and Stacy Keibler Date Night: What ...

George Cluny and Stacy Keibler say they like to have sushi on date night. What would your suggestions be?

Asked: Is The People's Choice YOUR Choice?

People's Choice Award 2012 Winners; Emma Stone, Neil Patrick Harris And Katy Perry Win Big. Who would YOU have chosen?

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