Found on The Taco Bell Boyz Web Page

Found on The Taco Bell Boyz Web Page

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Let me guess, pete,  decider/anon,  fauxsham/anon and cito. Naturally Cornholio would be their favorite.

Cornholio has always been my favorite Springerette. It must be that special combination of inbreeding, lack of education and pride in his abject ignorance that I find so entertaining. You never run into anybody like that in the real world, at least not north of the Mason-Dixon where I live.

And you're hardly any better, Butthead. That's why you're here yet again making dumbass graphics and starting threads about us. In other words ... OWNED!! We know ... you can't help yourself.


I bet you two assholes are just like Beavis and Butthead, too. Without the charm and intelligence.

Q) What's harder to find than a 13 year old virgin in Mexico?

A) A lib male with a pair of balls

Just because we don't wear balls on our trailer hitches doesn't mean we don't have them, Gomer.

I remember the taco bell boyz. They were a group of married cross dressers that found each other on a message board. They use to brag how they paid people to do their old ladies because they didn't want any parts of them.

I'm guessing you probably wear a set of truck nuts as a "tie". That way you can always have that feeling of balls being near your chin.

Truck nuts = red-state America at its finest.


No nuts= Flaming liberals like the gay birds that post here. Right decider?

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Found on The Taco Bell Boyz Web Page

Did we hit the nail on the head? You flamers being held down because we told everyone about you in advance? Isn't a shame the cat is out of the bag before you had a chance to post all your gay stuff?

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