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T-Scan III Occlusal Analysis System. price?

what is the price for T-Scan III Occlusal Analysis System?

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what is the price for T-Scan III Occlusal Analysis System?

The T-Scan sensor that the patient bites down on are 1 per patient but can be used for up to 20 bites.  There are plastic support pieces that hold the sensor in place that can be autoclaved.


The price of the system depends on what is needed for your individual practice.  You can contact the company at anytime at 800-Bite-Now or by email at marketing@tekscan.com.


You can also visit Tekscan at www.tekscan.com/dental

or check us out on facebook and youtube



System is around 10K and the supports are reusable, sensor usually take 20 to 40 "bites"

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