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No symptoms after 9th day post embryo transfer???

Today is my 9th day post ET...I was feeling cramping everyday on and off until yesterdady.  My breast are no longer sore.  Is this normal?  My Beta test is not until 12/31.

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Yes, it's normal. Some women have no early symptoms of pregnancy. Are you taking progesterone?

Rachel Inbar

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Yes, I am on progesterone shots.  I am also getting some symptoms of OHSS.  I took my HCG shot on 12/13, is it too soon to take a HPT?

FYI - I am happy to say that I am now 9 wks pregnant with twins.  I have a lot of morning sickness (throughout the whole day w/ lots of vomiting) but happy to be pregnant.


I hope you have a boy and a girl. 

I'll search, while you wait.

Hi, I am on my 11th day post ET. Since the transfer, I have had cramping and fatigue. But on day 9/10 these symptoms stopped. I have also noticed an increase in my breasts, appearing swollen/larger. I have 4 days to go before my blood test! Nervous, wish me luck!


Good luck!  Please post your results!

I am now 11 wks pregnant with twins.  I was put on bedrest for a week due to some bleeding. Thank God, the babies are fine...the doctors think that the bleeding is from the placentas forming. 

Best wishes to you!!!

Twins Thats wonderful for you and I wish you all luck. Is it your first pregnancy? I am on my 6th day post ET and my symptons have been...Swollen breasts, tender nipples, urinating at night quite often. The doctor transferred 4 embryos and my blood test is 6 more long days away...This is a long wait, but I'm halfway there...Wish me luck!


Hi, I'm new and I just wanted to say good luck....

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