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Asked: What does the symbol =P mean?

what does the symbol =P mean?

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What are the different symbols for balance?

Asked: Does someone know symbols?

What does an engraving of a small serpent coiling around a small twig represent?

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the action (delete) symbols nolonger appear ith each message

Asked: What is the meaning of this dream

I dreamt that I was being chased by an elephant. The elephant was even able to climb a fence (it did not trample it, but was able to climb it). what does it mean to be chased by an elephant?

Asked: Word symbols/abbreviations

If you ask a question and get ! for an answer, what does that mean.

Asked: What country uses this symbol €

What country is this symbol used after their amount of money € ?? Example Price 83.00 € Thanks, Ann

Asked: What does #TED in twitter mean?

what does #TED in twitter mean?