I have to switch doctors and I'm on birth control

I've been taking birth contol since August but I'm going to have to stop because I'm about ready to run out and I just moved to a different state and I'm gonna have to go to a different doctor. My question is... If you stop taking birth contol for three weeks then get back on it will that mess me up with my birth control?

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Yes, if you stop for three weeks it is going to mess up your cycle and you will be unprotected as far as birth control goes. But why are you giving up so easily? Just call and get more! Call your old doctor, call a new doctor, call Planned Parenthood or any health clinic. It should not be too difficult.

One of my companys has taken a penny item and truned it into birth control for underdeveloped countries, we have distributed 10,000 of the TAM to woman in Rio what is special in this, is that a partner does not know a woman is wearing this and this works well in countries where women have 6 babies and the husband does not want the woman to never stop making babies as he sees her as a baby making macking, Yon can insert on a thin long string a fine soft sponge that all their is to it. Of corse the medical profittears wil; tell you maybe different to sell you unsafe pills but this works 99 percent not to get pregant and safe keep clean wash etc

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