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How to sweeten pineapples:

 I just peeled and cut a pineapple to find that it is rather bland and not sweet enough. Any suggestions as to how I might sweeten it

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Next time you shop  for a pineapple, smell it. An under-ripe pineapple will not sweeten naturaly once  it has been picked. A good pineapple will give off the distinctive sweet aromaof pineapple. An over ripe pineapple will usually start to develop a vinegary flavor.

As for working with what you have, you can try simmering slices or chunks (with their juice) over low heat in a nonreactive pan with about 1/2 a stick of butter and 1/3c brown sugar until it develops into a thick, bubbly syrup. You coould also add up to 1/4 cup dark rum tto the syruup or some shredded coconut as a topping.

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