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This sounds like a series of very severe panic attacks. 

Leftists are having lots of them anymore because thet see their dreams of being all powerful sons of the emperor Obama evaporating before their very eyes.  It is not from diabetes but from perceived fear.  What the Democrats have drilled into you through their incessant and very costly propaganda efforts has failed to materialize, and now every lie they ever told has proven that their party is unworthy of any support.

No wonder they are all an inch away from cardiac arrest! 

The solution is to calm down, realize that American people are not the evil harpies that the Democrats have been preaching, that it is okay to speak your mind, and that there is nothing to fear -- particularly the intense and irrational paranoid delusions you have been getting from the Democrats.

As you soberly sit down and think things through, the panic attacks will be no more.

If you do not master your destiny, it will master you.
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