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Swag Bucks: the real story

What is the history of Swag Bucks?

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i'm not really understanding what you are saying .. but i've been using the swag bucks sites and some of the band search and win sites for quite some time and i've never noticed anything like this,  and from what i know the winning is all based on a random algorhthym and it states clearly on the FAQ pages that clicking on links will not help you win.

I've won some really cool prizes from the site, i used to use Winzy.com which is similar, but the swag bucks sites are better because you get better search results (google), and have the chance to win really cool stuff.   In fact, you can find me on the Swag Bucks blog - me holding my Maroon 5 autograph  :) :) :)




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Basically you get virtual money that can be used to buy things for searching stuff on search engines. The purpose is to push up certain key words in search engines. From what I understood, although some people had strange login problems, a lot of users did get free stuff for spending time searching for things they don't really care about online.


To me that's really in bad taste -it's a way for corporation and ad agencies to promote certain topics and products by swaying the search engine popularity searches. It's a lot like trading stocks with inside information - something that's supposed to be only effected by the randomness of the market get pushed and changed by corporations with money (so that we get a possibly false data in which people care a lot more about saphora make up then about the war in Iraq or about starbucks coffee then your local coffee place).

 It's not a scam, it's not even illegal, but by my standards, it's immoral. 

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That is completely ridiculous. It never once asks you to search for anything in particular. It just gives you a Swagbuck or two randomly when you search. IF the only reason you ever search for anything is to manipulate search engine results, then I agree that you are immoral and you should not be using search engines. However, the rest of us don't.

I don't know the full history of swag bucks , but I've been a member for over six months and I really like their website.  It's pretty cool that you can get good search results and earn points too.  I also like a site called Winzy it's pretty much the same as Swag Bucks.

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Swagbucks.com is my favorite online prize central.
Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask. When you use their search engine, you regularly receive points that can be redeemed for prizes like gift cards, clothing, video games, etc. for free.
If you already use Google or Ask as a search engine, it is a good idea to switch to Swagbucks because it is basically the same thing except that you receive points while you are using it. Swagbucks is completely safe. It does not ask for any personal information such as your phone number or credit card number and there is no spam mail. Swagbucks (Google and Ask) gives people points and prizes in an effort to keep them as a user of their search engine.
Here is the link to register: 
Register at '''this''' link and you will start off with 30 free Swagbucks! 
Just fill in the boxes to the right hand side and you’ll have your account. If you don’t want to enter your real info, that’s ok. You can change your profile information anytime for free.
Also here is a video explaining everything you need to know about swagbucks.com if you are still unsure about it. Wish you luck!

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