Can We Survive Without Electricity?

Have we become too dependent on electricity?

Can We Survive Without Electricity?Getty

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History shows that we can.  It was done in the past.  I feel sure there would be those inventors who would come up with many new and outlandish ways to take care of our needs for electricity.

There are already those throughout America who are building and using alternative means to light their homes and take care of their everyday needs.

Survivors will survive regardless and life will find a way.

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Some could and some couldn't.  Depends where you live. Too hot or too cold might pose a problem for some.  If you're in New York, you'd have a lot of steps to climb and onece the food was gone where would you grow enough to feed all those people? In Florida you'd have to contend with the heat but at least you could grow food.  So, there would be hunting in the North and fishing in the South.  Interesting question, I liked it. Now how high is "up"?, Where's the  "white"  go when the snow melts?

Yes,  humans could survive. They survived for millions of years without electricity.

Are you kidding? Some people can't even stand to leave their cell phone at home when they visit their next door neighbor. As a matter of fact, they would be on that phone telling their neighbor that their coming over as they come over and the neighbor would be on the front porch talking on their cells, telling them to come on as they gesture at them..  

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