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How can I survive on under $900 a month?

Due to injuries sustained when I was hit head on by a drunk driver I am currently unable to work, my savings are long gone, so I must rely on Social Security Disability for my income. Changes and cutbacks for 2009 have left me, for lack of a better term "up a creek".  I have an SSD increase of $51.00, a Medicaid spend down payment of $52.00, plus the increase of Rx co payment per drug $3.00 generic $6.00 brand name, and new this year a whopping $1.00 Rx premium due to the insurance company directly. I carefully choose which medications I need the most each month, or which I can get samples of because I can't afford all of the medications my very frugal Dr. has prescribed.  
I will not receive an increase in help from food stamps or any other agency. I am single, living alone. I'm barely getting by now. I'm in a wheelchair, I don't own a car, public transportation refuses to take me, I have a special service that I pay for through Medicaid that takes me to and from medical appointments only. I'm ready to give up, I've gone over and over my bills and expenses and I don't see how I can make it once my HEAT assistance is gone.  I apologize if this sounds like I'm rambling, I don't have the brain I used to have. I'm so grateful to be alive and have a roof over my head. It's more than many people have, I just want to find a way to make my future more secure.  Any suggestions how I can survive this next year on under $900.00?

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I wouid say that if one had to survive on 900 dollars they would have no choice but to do so. and to be honest with what is going on in our economy it would be good practice for the future

Well you did not say what bills that you have so would be hard to answer your question.  There are agencies like angel network that you can get food from cheaply.  There are also drug compainies that will furnish your medication free of charge, ask your druggist or doctor about this.   Hope maybe this will help you

Ok....When were you hit by the drunk driver? Im not one who believes that everyone should be sued for everything, however, if this drunk driver made this much of a economic impact on your life....it is time to find a lawyer in open this case! You should not be impacted in this manner because someone else was irresponsible. He/She should have to aquire your financial burden.....bottom line!

Check with the Dept of Health, your state may pay your medicare premium, also if your are using Medicare Part D drug coverage, your meds can be sent to you by mail and some generics are absolutely free through the mail order system.  If you have questions call 1-800-Medicare

Look for special housing for disabled to curtail some of your expenses, clip coupons for groceries and go to websites for disabled people and see what services are provided in your area. I wish you well and God bless!

I totally agree with 'opportunity', that due to the irresponsible driving of the third person you have landed into such a crisis situation. Its better to find out a lawyer and sue him/her for the compensation of the damages that have been caused to you. 

All the best...............

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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my question/dilemma. You are right, I don't have a choice but sink, swim or float. I highly recommend it for our politicians. Your approach reminds me of my second swimming lesson when I was 6 years old. I was and still am a non-swimmer, I am a floater. At the tender age of 6, I was forced to jump off the diving board over the deep end of the swimming pool. After several minutes of inching my way closer and closer to the edge of the diving board and staring into the aqua colored pool water, the instructor took his pole (that he used to literally fish students out of the pool with) and popped me behind my knees. My knees buckled, I tumbled head first, inhaling a fair amount of chlorinated water on the in. As I said, I'm a floater not a swimmer I didn't respond to the "fishing pole" after it hit me on the head. I had to be pulled from the pool. I didn't get into a pool again until I was in my 40's and that was for physical therapy. Do you think that sink or swim is really such a good way to teach someone to survive? I've spent 40 + years being terrified of water. Something that could have cost me my life, good thing I'm a floater.Wink


I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to reply to my dilemma. I'm sorry I was not able to get back to you sooner. I will try to answer a few questions that came up. I would like to apologize before you get any further, I am heavily medicated. For anxiety, and for a cough that is so horrible I expect to see my toenails fly across the room. Confused? Read on.
My Mother unexpected passed away. Besides the hole in my heart and ache in my soul, it also caused quite an upheaval in my finances. I had nothing to wear, and I mean nothing. I haven't purchased any clothing in years, and none of it appropriate. I had to buy a pair of pants and a blouse, luckily I was able to get a discount if I put it on the vendors credit card at zero 0% interest for 6 months, free shipping. I also had to rent a van with a wheelchair lift for 3 days. Ordinarily I would rent a small trailer, but with the snow I had to rent a van. I had to put both purchases on different credit cards. The stress of everything caused my immune system to kick me where the good Lord split me. I've been fighting a wicked case of pneumonia for over a week. My Dr phoned in an antibiotic and a cough syrup. Antibiotics are covered on my insurance, cough syrup isn't. I had to have the cough syrup. I tried to go without it, but I couldn't sleep, breathe or exist without it. I also had to pay for the first half of my monthly medications. Plus the increase in my Medicaid spend down. This is a scary way to start the year off. Thank goodness I float*. *(see reply to eugenegeene666)
As far as bills go, I have the same bills as most people. Rent, (mine is subsidized) unfortunately I have to pay a much larger rent amount this year than last due lack of funding. Utilities in the form of natural gas and electricity. I receive assistance once a year based on income and medical bills. My Dr. is wonderful about samples, when he has them. Unfortunately I make a few dollars too much to receive free medication from the drug companies.  
My accident was in 1998. The person that hit me had no insurance, drunk drivers rarely do. I live in a no-fault state so my insurance covered my medical bills at the time. There was $2000 left after attorneys fees. As far as suing him, he had nothing, not even a job. He was a total loser and a waste of time. He was ordered to pay restitution when he got out of jail. He was order to spend 90 days, he spend 29 days behind bars because of over-crowding and he was a model prisoner. I was very lucky, I received Social Security on my first application. I also went back to the hospital for 30 days for chronic pain management because I had issues with having pain medication around. I also have problems that came on later due to the accident.
A quick word on coupons. Fantastic. I have been clipping and trading coupons for years before my accident. I used to save S&H Green Stamps and Gold Bond Trading Stamps. I would get them from the grocery bags whenever my family went shopping. I asked my neighbors if they used theirs, if they didn't I made sure I was there to snag them. I had an Uncle that drove truck and he saved his stamps from his gas fill ups for me. I bought my first bedspread with S&H Green Stamps. I would like to see them come back. I belong to some online groups price watch and coupon trading groups. It's too bad double coupon days have disappeared. 
Once again I do want to thank those of you that took the time to answer my question. I wanted to reply to everyone individually, but right now I am ready to go back to bed, suck on the oxygen and drink a cup of hot tea. I will reply one on one later when I can sit up for longer and not cough my head off.
Please forgive my rambling, run on sentences, and incomplete thoughts. Blame the drugs and the mental fog and the fact that my laptop has no letter or proofing grammar check, spell check is as good as it gets.

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