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I am going to have knee replacement surgery soon ...

I am going to have knee replacement surgery soon and I am really scared. I'm 41 years old. When will I be able to get out of the house even on crutches if nothing goes wrong? When do most people walk again? I;m really scared.  Please write back, Ann

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I had one knee replaced in Oct. 2007 and the other done Aug. 2008 without any problems.  Had a doctor from Rush Hospital in Chicago; walked the next day and was doing steps in my house the third day.  In 2008, I only stayed in hospital one day.  Make sure you do exercises before and after surgery....it really helps.  I now have no arthritic pain of any sort.  It is great!!


hmm don't be scared of the knee replacement surgery is really good for you it will help you improve a lot in your walking. You need to trust the doctor and the surgical team to do there job in taking away your knee pain and restoring it to walk normally.

At age 41 is way too early to have a knee replacement. A knee replacement will last maximum 20 years, therefore doctors do not like to replace knees until you are close to sixty. If you have arthritis where there is no meniscus and bone is against bone, that is most unusual. You may want to consider braces for now. If you get an artificial knee you will need a second one in about 15 years. Ask your doctor to examine the meniscus to see if it can be repaired before going for a knee replacement. To answer your question, it will take 4-6 weeks with lots of physiotherapy before the leg is strong enough to get  around without crutches. And another thing. You do not have to have general anesthesia for a knee replacement. The operation takes about one hour and you can be on physio in 2 days.

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I am 53 years old and i getting ready to have my second total knee replacement with in three months, dont be scared!! After around a month you will be able to use a cane and get around pretty good!!  My advice is to do your thearpy faithfully, maybe even some water exercising. This has helped me alot. Sharon miracle  (knoxville,tennesse)  mamamiracle1@yahoo.Com

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