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If I turn off the surge protector (the on off switch) and the light goes off, does this mean that electricity (and surges) can NOT hit my computer? In other words, does the on off switch just stop the ...

1)  I am sorry. But I can't parse out your sentence.

Could you reword it please?

when off off that protects? huh?

"When you turn off the surge protector off that protects your computer from lighting. My son-in-law is an electrician. He told me this a while back"


2) Yes, I realize they SHOULD stay on - that was NOT the question. The question is "does the surge protector, being turned off, still mean you are connected to the wall?" Maybe it helps to understand the process.

connected from the wall to the surge protector. power on or power off. connected to the computer. If the power is on, then definitely, surges are monitored and stopped. But turned off, are you still connected to from the wall to the computer? What if there is a lightening strike?


"Surge protectors should stay on"

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