They sure got that right---didn't they?

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Asked: Government

What are the various forms of government?

Asked: What a sad day for republicans! Government ...

What a sad day for republicans! Government healthcare programs save everybody money!

Asked: American Government

Have we kept a Republic? Do we still have "government of the people, by the people, and for the people?" Who are "the people"? What branch of government expresses the will of the people?

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Smart woman!

Leftists, Atheists, Muslims, racists, Obatso, drunkard, bigot, criminals, cross burners, EBT cards KKK, Hitler, Tadpole, Hilary, tombstone, liberal, cross burners, Black Panthers. child molesters. I wonder who posted those answers? LOL Will someone respond to this lonely soul? It has to be tough ...

7 million!

Then it's losing ground fast, Greatbore. According to your spam from yesterday, it was 9.5 million.----------------------------------------- " 9.5 million covered by Obamacare! http://www ... "

More gun deaths!

And how many lives have been saved throughout this country because of guns? Bad guys will always have guns and if they don't they will use weapons much more brutal and it is on record. The Second Amendment will stand and may it continue to rub you rhubarbs the wrong way.

All that home-schooling sure has paid off!

The Muslim-atheist idol Hitler proved how stupid all leftists are, because only leftists are worthless hatemonger bigots. Yes indeed, history proved beyond all question that only leftist liberals worship the muslim cult idols, Hitler, Stalin, and Satan, because muslims are stupid. Handzars were ...