They sure got that right---didn't they?

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Conservative policies sure are a step backward! http://www

The idiot would be someone who never leaves their room, posts the same questions over and over and does nothing but blog 24/7. Then believes he's fooling everyone by posting under different names. Sounds like the leftist Muslim Atheist poster.

Republicans fear-mongering? Hard to believe! http://www.huffingtonpost

Democrats go around fear mngering through their extremist leftist hate machines -- the Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, and Democrats -- the last being the only one comprised entirely of violent racist criminals. That accounts for about 1% of the nation. Is that why Democrats can only get ...

Are you frickin' kiddin' me?

Because of the fact that all Muslims lie as an officially required act of devotion to the father of lies -- Satan -- then that is why all corrupt and psychotic Muslims deny that they were all directly at-fault for the Holocaust -- just like the National Socialist Party of Germany. Leftist liberals ...

Judge not!

What is wrong with this loser? This is rocmike's 4th leftist questions and countless posts with the words leftists, muslim, tadpole and atheists in them yet this insane porn posting schizo still believes he's fooling everyone with his aliases and porn.--------------------------How sad is this losers ...