Does this suprise you..?

Why is everyone so shocked about the affair regarding Arnold Schwartzenegger and his houseworker ? what is your opinion ?

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I'm not shocked by the infedelity nor legal divorce. In this day and age it's so common place that you almost expect to hear it. I am concerned for his family and this child he created out of his philandering ways. This must be an incredibly emotionally difficult matter to cope with. I certainly hope that they cope with it well and with the least amount of pain as possible. I also hope Arnold learns how to be a man! I wish them all peace, love, and joy.

Why should it shock anyone, "2 Giant egos" some it will come out that Her Laundry is not so Lily White..


Sweet G


Delilah cut Sampson's hair and forced him into servitude and demise, powerful is woman, strong and vigilant, she brought her men off battlefields to carry them on her back to safety or to burial

I'm really shocked to hear this kind of issue. I can't believe it.

It's just an ordinary news for me. Not shocking anymore.

This is what has ruined many marriages it"s called money prestige and glory now watch them all come out of the woodwork. Like happened with Jessie James and all the big money stars and high priced actors such as Mel Gibson. And why do we always blame the man?????. The Women should take the blame also as if she was not willing to put out to the man. She is as guiltty as the man is if not for her there would have been no affair. I don't care if she is willing most men wont pass it up.

Equal justice for All The law works but the system needs changed, We all abide by the law but sometime it failes us. The same with the goverment. God bless the USA, Brign our troops HOME safely, To the men who did not get the credit they deserve, MAY GOD WATCH OVER OUR SERVICE MEN.

im not shocked! we have the right to choose who we want to be with for the rest of our life. We don't have the right to judge people as they don't knew us!

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