Supra-Celestial Beings

plise if somebody know what is  Supra-Celestial Beings to tall me this is very urgent or to send me images thanks

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Hi, apparently a Supra -celestial being is a person whois in touch with the universe AKA 'psycic' someone who possesses great power or who is able to see the future or is able to predict things.  If you have been told that you are a Supra-celestial being by an online spam psycic goin by the name of sara or pascilina (they are the same person) she sends this email to everyone she contacts- sorry mate, but the idea is to lure you into paying her an exorbitent amount of money, you will find that after the initial fee there will be anouther 'your future depends on it' email asking you to pay like $240... Having said that, there is no reason to say you are not a supra-celestial being, everyone is psycic in some way or other, some more than others, it is up to you to let it shine through.  Genuine psycis dont ask you to pay large amounts of money, good karma is what is needed to be a 'good' psycic (trust me- you dont want to be involved with a 'bad' psycic).



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