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What supplies are needed for high school science classrooms

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If you intend to teach secondary level sciences, you will need to specialize into at least six subjects.  They are:

1.  HS freshman general science. 
Classroom and text, lecture on scientific method, lab procedure, and math.  Prerequisites: Middle School Algebra, Plane Geometry, Analytical Geometry, Pre-Calculus, familiarization with Physics, Periodic Table, overview of appkied sciences.

2.  HS junior will specialize into 3 applied sciences. 
A.  Physics (kinematics, inertia, topology, overview of force-energy, mass-energy, time-space, conversion, electromagnetism, Feynmann diagrams and their interpretation). 
B.  Chemistry (acid-base, polar-nonpolar, organic, inorganic, metals, metalloids, nonmetals, nobles, etc.)
C.  Math.  Introduction to integral/differential, introduction to Abelian, Penrose calculation, Relativity, Introduction to M, P, and String theory.

3.  HS senior will begin actual work with physics, chemistry, math.
A.  Senior chemistry lab.  Identify an unknown chemical, assay fundamentals, use of lab equipment, devising experiments, and an independent project in student teams.  Report on all findings and publish on campus.
B.  Senior physics lab.  Identify an unknown radionuclide, spectrography, rates of decay, decay products.  Working in teams, devise at least two experiments.  Report on all findings and publish on campus.
C.  Senior math.  Students will correlate their work in other sciences and prepare analyses based on theory, falsification, prediction, and experiment.  Students will work in team.  Advance a theory and prove it mathematically.


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All sciences: paper towels for cleaning up.  Chalk or dry-erase markers.

Supplies for biology: frogs.  Microscope slides.

Supplies for chemistry: chemicals.  pH test strips.  Thermometers.  Test tubes.

Supplies for physics: magnets, iron filings, batteries and wire.  Lenses and prisms.

Some high schools are more advanced than others.  Ask the teacher what you will need for each class and go from there.

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I'm quite impressed with the first two competent and well thought out answers that were given here. Kudos to both of you.

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