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What's your opinion about summer camps (day camp or sleep-away camp)? Are summer camps good for kids? Is sending a child to camp good for the parents? Is camp worth the money?

Speaking from having the experience of being the child who has gone camp, the counselor who had the privilege to spend a week with great kids, and an aunt who helps pay for her nieces and nephews to be able to go to camp, it is by far one of the best experiences you can give your child. I was always one of those kids who was very shy and reserved, but when I went to camp all of my walls came down and I had experiences and met friends I never would have if my parents hadn't pushed me to go. As a counselor (with the help of a co-counselor) I was in charge of groups of 6-12 girls per week for 10 weeks. Every Sunday(drop-off day) it was interesting to see that the parents were usually the ones with detachment issues, and the children we were warned would cry for their parents were usually the ones who did the best (for two summers, and one winter of being a camp counselor I only ever had 2 girls who cried themselves to sleep, and by the second night they were over it and ready to have fun.) It was so easy for me to be the best counselor I could be to them because when you have a group of girls who are having a great time and doing new things it turns you back into a kid so fast you don't even realize how much fun you are having, but when the week is over and it is time to say goodbye I always got a glimpse of what those parents must have felt when they dropped their kids off with me. It's hard to let them go after you have done your best to take care of them 24/7 for a week. As an aunt I have always done whatever I could to make sure that my nieces and nephews get to go to camp. I am willing to save up through out the year and pay half for each child. It is so worth it to see how much they grow, the stories that they are dying to tell you, and the smiles on their faces. I suggest that every parent sends their children to camp at least once before they hit middle school age because by that time they often think they are too cool, but if you start them off young they will probably love it until they are too old to go. Do some research though and make sure you get the right camp for your child. Looking for Christian? I suggest Word of Life camps. They are located in upstate new York, Florida, and northern California and even offer weekend snow camps at their new York location. These camps are run by students who attend the Word of Life schools, and speaking from both being a camper on Word of Life Island for 3 summers, and being a counselor at Word of Life Ranch for two summers, word of life west coast camp for two weeks, and snow camp for two winters::: the counselors love what they are doing!!

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